As a musician, I try to play other kinds of music but my heart is in rock n’ roll & metal…

As an acoustic guitar player, I try to write folkie kind of songs, ballads and country stuff but for some reason I can’t write that stuff. I feel that I’m not really all that good writing that stuff. Whenever I sit down and write a song, I always hear original “rock” songs in my head. Do you wanna know why most of my original acoustic songs almost always sound kind of “rocky”? That’s why it’s because I hear “rock” songs in my head. I guess that’s what I get for listening to so much rock & metal over the years ’cause believe me, I listened to rock & metal throughout my life. I discovered rock & metal when I was a young child and never stopped listening to those two genres ever since. It explains why my acoustic playing is always so tight and full of energy. I’ll probably always continue to write songs like that.

Yeah, I play acoustic guitar but I play it as if I’m playing an electric guitar. I don’t play acoustic like if I’m going to sing campfire songs at all. I use the acoustic to rock on it. Why? Probably because I don’t have a band on my  own yet and will soon. I think my music would be a lot better in a full band and I will get a band together one of these days. People may see that I play acoustic and they expect me to perform a folk or a country song and that’s not gonna be me. They’re gonna be surprised of what they’ll hear out of me and they usually are.

I plan to write a new batch of original tunes pretty soon and will try to get that internet album out there.

I never wanted to be a folk or a country artist. Playing folk music or country is overrated in the acoustic guitar realm. I wanted to be something different than everyone else. When I used to play live, I had a hard time getting gigs booked at cafes & coffeehouses ’cause I never promoted myself as a “folk” artist and I was totally different than most acoustic artists out there. Getting gigs at cafes maybe pretty easy for folk or country artists but I got rejected a lot. Not because they think I suck, it’s ’cause of different tastes in genres, I believe.

You see how most acoustic solo artists out there, all they play are folk songs and country songs with three chords… nope… not with me. When you see me on stage with an acoustic guitar, you’ll see me aggressively pounding on that thing. Tight and percussive rhythm chops. That’s how I’ve always played. When I play the acoustic guitar and perform my songs, I have a vision in my head that I’m playing in an actual band. I know I’m not but just pretending. That’s how I’ve always liked to play live.

I wanna get back out there on the live stage again ’cause I miss performing honestly and haven’t done it in a long while. I’m itching to get back out there. Play some open mics and maybe get a few gigs.


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