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Why Obama and his admin. would stage all of these shootings…

All of these mass shootings going on: Sandy Hook, Charleston, the Colorado Aurora shootings, the Tucson Arizona shooting where Gabby Giffords supposedly got shot, now Oregon and maybe others that happened under Obama… there’s no doubt that most of these shootings were a staged hoax especially the ones that I listed. Not every shooting in America is a hoax. Mass shootings happen all the time in America but most of them gets ignored by the Obama admin but when the Obama admin. responds to a shooting… chances are it’s gonna be a hoax. A fake. Staged.

I think all of these hoaxes and false flag shootings started happening after Congress shot down Obama’s gun control regulations in 2013. Remember that? Obama angrily responded to Congress in a speech with Gabby Giffords by his side (I don’t think she was really shot).

Obama probably said to himself, “If Congress won’t do anything about gun control then I’m gonna do something about it myself”.

So Obama comes up with all of these plots and staged shootings. Works with the local media in different cities to do all of these fake news reports about these shootings. Staging them all.

As long as Obama’s still in office, he’s gonna keep coming up with all of these staged shootings as a way to get Congress to push gun control regulations. It’s obvious that Obama and his admin. are staging all of these shootings.

Most of these shootings are indeed a hoax ’cause there’s plenty of evidence proving that they are. Obama would do anything to get rid of our guns and would go as far as staging shootings.

The Oregon shooting is probably another staged hoax. They would do anything for “gun control”. They’re desperate. What’s even crazier is that local people and local media in different cities are willing to work with the Obama admin. to stage these shootings which is criminal all the way.

I wonder what the next city Obama is planning to target a shooting hoax on. He’ll come up with something. Obama is not gonna stop these shooting hoaxes until Congress gives him what he wants, “gun control”. That’s Obama’s mission and he’s not gonna give up. Obama is obsessed with wanting to take our guns away ’cause it’s pretty clear Obama is anti-gun.


Ted Nugent already went to Africa and killed a lion, where was the outrage back then???

Ted Nugent is a known big game hunter. He’s killed other things besides deer. He’s killed bears, pigs, mooses, and you can even add lions to the list.

Here’s an old photo of Ted when he went to Africa to go big game hunting. In the pic, you see a dead lion. Ted has killed lots of animals, “legally” and you can see he feels no remorse for doing it.

In each hunting photo that Ted posts online, he always has a big smile on his face.

Ted also says that the lion that was killed wasn’t actually Cecil, it was a wild lion from a park where hunting is legal in Africa:


In other words Ted is saying that Cecil wasn’t even real. I can see the Obama admin. being behind all of this Cecil stuff just to distract Americans from other things like the elections, the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, etc. Cecil is probably a hoax kind of like the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings.

Walter Palmer did kill a lion but it probably wasn’t the famous Cecil. There was probably no Cecil ’cause that lion wasn’t real.

I’m not a big fan of hunting myself and I don’t agree with killing animals but I respect other hunters freedom of wanting to hunt. They have that right.