Ted Nugent already went to Africa and killed a lion, where was the outrage back then???

Ted Nugent is a known big game hunter. He’s killed other things besides deer. He’s killed bears, pigs, mooses, and you can even add lions to the list.

Here’s an old photo of Ted when he went to Africa to go big game hunting. In the pic, you see a dead lion. Ted has killed lots of animals, “legally” and you can see he feels no remorse for doing it.

In each hunting photo that Ted posts online, he always has a big smile on his face.

Ted also says that the lion that was killed wasn’t actually Cecil, it was a wild lion from a park where hunting is legal in Africa:


In other words Ted is saying that Cecil wasn’t even real. I can see the Obama admin. being behind all of this Cecil stuff just to distract Americans from other things like the elections, the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, etc. Cecil is probably a hoax kind of like the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings.

Walter Palmer did kill a lion but it probably wasn’t the famous Cecil. There was probably no Cecil ’cause that lion wasn’t real.

I’m not a big fan of hunting myself and I don’t agree with killing animals but I respect other hunters freedom of wanting to hunt. They have that right.


3 thoughts on “Ted Nugent already went to Africa and killed a lion, where was the outrage back then???”

  1. Maybe because our strange Uncle Ted did it legally I however do not approve of trophy or canned hunts You know the world is now down to 4 white Rinos Thats it, end of the line Hunt for food nothing else. It does not make one a great hunter because they can shoot something that has often been sedated and kept in conditions that are poor to say the least.

    1. This Walter Palmer did it “legally” too. The media decided to make him look bad to distract people from other things in the news. Something doesn’t add up to this story. That photo that Walter Palmer posted with the lion isn’t actually Cecil. I’m about to make a blog post about that.


      1. What I read was cecil was gotten to follow the scent of a dead animal that was drug behind a vehicle that led outside the reserve where Cecil was protected. If that is true I find it hard finding legality.

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