Ted Nugent’s new album, “Shut Up and Jam” is actually a pretty solid album… LOVED IT!!!

So yesterday, I got around to listening to Ted Nugent’s new album, “Shut Up and Jam”.

You may not agree with Ted’s politics but you really should give this album a try. Ted still kills on the guitar and he still writes great rock n’ roll songs. There are great guitar sounds on this record. Awesome riffs and guitar solos. The songwriting is still great too! Before bashing the guy and hating on the guy, maybe you should try to understand him a little more. This was surprisingly a great album. Ted still got it after all these years!

I know it may seem like that Ted isn’t successful but he is. All this hatred toward Ted is doing nothing but helping his music career even more. Why do you think he just put out a new album? Love him or hate him, he’s a rock legend and a great guitar player.

There’s nothing wrong with Ted. He’s just loves America and hunting. That’s why Ted believes in the 2nd Amendment and takes it seriously ’cause he’s an avid hunter and he’s just like every American. He’s afraid of his guns being taken away by our government and all he’s doing is just defending gun rights.

While “Shut Up and Jam” is still a political album, the politics on this album are more positive and toned down. The songs on the album really showed that he loves America.

Check out the album here:



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