Dinesh D’Souza vs. Hillary Clinton… which of their books is selling better???

Due to the unnecessary over hype of Hillary’s book, “Hard Choices” it may seem like that she’s selling good but she really isn’t. Not a lot of people are buying her stupid book. Which is good.

Just the other day when I went shopping, I walked into Barnes & Noble just to look around. Sure enough, as soon as I walked into the store, they have a table right in front with Hillary’s books all over it. You see Hillary’s book being over hyped in book stores all over while Dinesh’s book, “America” is less over-hyped. They don’t hype Dinesh’s book too much and the marketing isn’t that great. They promote Hillary’s book more than Dinesh’s.

Even though Dinesh’s “America” book isn’t promoted all that much in the media, it still seems to be doing quite well ’cause “America” just made no. 1 in the NYTimes Best Selling Non-Fiction so congrats Dinesh!!!


So the question you have to ask is, why do people ignore Hillary’s book but read Dinesh’s book instead? It’s simply because everyone is interested in learning about Dinesh’s take of what’s going on with America. Nobody’s interested in reading Hillary’s bullshit and lies. All this over hype of Hillary’s book was a waste of time and money.

Yeah true, Hillary’s book is at no 5. which is decent for her but not great. The only people who are probably reading her book are all those misinformed liberals who worship Hillary.

When I went to Barnes & Noble the other day, they had more copies of Dinesh’s book on the shelf but there were less copies of Dinesh’s book while Hillary’s book had stacks of them so Dinesh’s book is obviously selling very good!!!

I’m happy for Dinesh. “America” is a great book and you should read it and get yourself informed. People who buy Dinesh’s book are all patriots who love our country.

Yeah, Dinesh maybe in trouble with the law right now and he might face some jail time soon but that’s still not stopping people from buying his book. That’s still not stopping Dinesh from telling the truth. Why does the left worry about Dinesh being the criminal, when the real criminal here is Barack Obama? Yeah, Dinesh confessed to his crime and admitted to it but at least he took responsibility. At least he didn’t cover it up and try to get away with it like Obama would do.

I like Dinesh D’souza. Been a fan of his for a while now.


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