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Ted Nugent destroying CNN…

Ted Nugent for President please!!! The Nuge here responds to critics on CNN and he looks like he’s having a blast getting all over them.

Love how he calls Obama out on Benghazi too. Love how he ridiculed CNN firing Piers Morgan.

This is a great interview and entertaining as hell!

Watch please!


President Obama calls himself a “mongrel” on The View and doesn’t get in trouble for it…

Why is it okay for black people to call people with mixed races “mongrels” and white people can’t say that stuff? It doesn’t matter who says it… be it either black or white… it’s still a racist term either way. When black people use the term “mongrel” it’s still racist against whites.

Where’s the outrage here? Looking at the comments in the video, there is none and they’re acting like Obama is a hero. This was an older interview, btw. Obama says the word, “mongrel” at about 9:00 mark in the video.

Check it out.


Ted Nugent didn’t exactly apologize to President Obama…

“Yes I would,” Nugent said according to audio aired on CNN. “I did cross the line. I do apologize, not necessarily to the president, but on behalf of much better men than myself, like the best governor in America, Gov. Rick Perry, the best attorney general in America.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/02/ted-nugent-sorry-mongrel-remark-103775.html#ixzz2u0GtP3fZ

Notice how he says that he doesn’t necessarily apologize to President Obama for saying those words and he gives a shout-out to Rick Perry who he greatly supports. They’ve been friends for a while now. He admitted to using those words “wrong” but he doesn’t exactly apologize to President Obama. I don’t think Ted ever will. The apology was meant for everyone else he offended. Why should Ted apologize to President Obama? Like I said before…. no one owes anything to President Obama after what he’s done to the country for the last 5 years or so. Like I said before in the other post, Ted just made a mistake… we all make ’em. Sometimes when people go off in rants… people can say offensive stuff by accident. Even I do it. He could have used better words describing Obama but he should never have to apologize to Obama.

Obama doesn’t fucking deserve apologies from anybody. With that being said, this wasn’t exactly a 100% apology.

Ted is just like the rest of us. He’s upset at how Obama is treating the country like the rest of us and he wants us to wake up.

I fear for Ted’s safety now, though. He better have body guards or some kind of protection every where he goes.