I’ve noticed a big difference between Obama and Trump press conferences…

So earlier this morning I’ve watched Trump’s first solo press conference as a president from yesterday. Trump calling out the media in person to their faces was glorious, indeed.

However, though, have you noticed the difference between the Trump press conference and Obama press conference? Watch the two videos above and try to compare them if you would. They are both pretty different with the way the press reacts to the president.

With Obama press conferences, all the reporters did was kiss Obama’s ass most of the time. It seems that the reporters questions were carefully picked by the Obama administration as if the whole press conference was scripted almost. The reporters had to be kind to Barack.

When it comes to a president Trump press conference, reporters get so aggressive to the president. A lot of whining and moaning. Instead, the president puts the media on defense… making them look weak.

All this shows is how one-sided and liberal biased the media really is. They are only in bed with liberal political figures but hate everything conservative.

It is interesting though how at a Trump press conference, the media doesn’t like to be called, “Fake News”. The media then begs for respect and cries “Freedom of speech”. Hey media, like I said in a post before, you totally deserved that verbal smackdown by Trump. President Trump made it clear throughout that press conference that he doesn’t mind negative reporting against him, he just wants their stories to be truthful but they never are. All the fake news media does is slander him most of the time and you expect him not to respond? Really?

The media needs to realize that respect is earned and the American people doesn’t respect the fake news MSM at all. It’s why we all voted for Trump ’cause we’re all fed up with the MSM.

President Trump called out the media again on twitter today, he tweeted out this:

I totally agree with that tweet.

While the media are trying their best to be an enemy to Trump… how much do you want to bet that they don’t realize that they are an enemy to all of us? The American People? The mainstream media thinks we’re all stupid and gullible but we’re not. We’re not going to vote for Hillary because they want us to. The American people should decide who to vote for, not the media.

Trump is right they are doing a great disservice to our country all the way.

However, there are still a lot of people that still believes everything the media says which is mostly liberals and some independent voters.

Hey media, if you don’t want Trump calling you our and if you want your respect back then why don’t you be honest for once? Get rid of the liberal bias and be honest on both sides of the spectrum. That’s why we all turn to Breitbart news and yes, Fox News too ’cause there’s no liberal bias in any of them.

The media lied to get Barack Obama elected. They tried that again with Hillary but it didn’t work this time.

If you guys in the MSM want your ratings back then bring back real journalism and stop trying to ram liberalism down our throats. We’re fed up with it. Keep it up, media. Once again, you’ll lose the 2020 election and will never see a Democrat president ever again.


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