Just bought Joy Villa’s “I Make the Static” EP from Itunes…

Well, the singer/songwriter by the name of Joy Villa… the one who stood up for us Trump supporters at the Grammy’s by simply wearing a MAGA dress. Well since she was courageous enough to help stand up for us, I decided to return the favor and support her in return. Just bought her 5 track EP, “I Make The Static”. She doesn’t have a full album out yet but just an EP out for now. I’m sure she’ll make a full length album pretty soon. Her music is pretty good. Listened to some of it in youtube so I ended up getting her EP. She does have a great singing voice.

I also bought 5 other albums from Itunes as well:

  • Sturgill Simpson “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth”
  • Gojira “Magma”
  • Kristen Capolino “These Days” (a local artist who I’m a fan of, she’s a young shred guitar virtuoso around the area)
  • David Bowie (his 1967 self titled debut album)
  • Alexander O’ Neal “Hearsay”

I’ve gotten into Sturgill Simpson music lately ’cause I really dig his music so I bought his latest album. The Gojira album “Magma” has been getting a lot of great reviews in the metal world so I decided to get that album for myself as I am a huge fan of metal. David Bowie, I’m still trying to collect his entire discography of studio albums… I really want his whole collection of music. Alexander O’ Neal is an R&B and pop artist who I’ve gotten into as recommended by a friend of mine and I really dig his stuff.

Once again, the variety of genres. I like to listen to all sorts of music. That’s just me.



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