President Trump gives fake news media a verbal beatdown during press conference… the media totally deserved that though…


I didn’t watch today’s press conference with President Trump bashing the media directly to their faces but I did read a lot about it, though. What Trump did was just glorious. This is the kind of Trump that we all love. It’s what we all voted him for pretty much. We love Trump ’cause we love him being the “tough guy”. Trump being the tough guy is a huge part of how he won the election to begin with.

The media spent a whole year or more during the primaries, bashing and attacking Trump like mad. Now that Trump is president, the media still won’t leave him alone. Now that Trump is president, the media is more aggressive than ever before. Well Trump finally couldn’t take their crap anymore and gave them a verbal smackdown during press conference earlier today.

I haven’t watched it yet ’cause I was busy doing other things but I’ll get around to watching on youtube tonight. I’m sure it’s real good.

I love it. When Trump calls out the media, the media predictably runs away and cry like babies. They don’t like being called “Fake News” and they don’t like Trump calling them out. They also cry “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of the press”. Well fake news media, you’re the one that wasted all that time bashing the man, how else do you want him to respond? Freedom of speech works both ways and he has the freedom of speech to respond to you however he wants to. You so-called journalists deserved that verbal smackdown earlier today, totally.

You know how when an internet cyberbully picks on someone and then that person calls out the cyberbully… then the cyberbully all of a sudden plays innocent victim? It’s the same thing that goes on here. The bully always plays the innocent victim when they are called out by someone. The bully is the media. They’ve always been bullies and troublemakers since the 2008 elections when Barack Obama got elected.

The media are this new generation of “tabloid” news. Quite sad. It’s amazing how dishonest the media is. They’ve been dishonest for over a decade. It’s nothing new. This is a huge part of why most Americans are all for Trump ’cause we’re fed up with the media’s crap.

Even though I admittedly still read the news on the internet, I don’t watch the news on TV, though. I don’t watch NBC, CNN or any of that garbage. Honestly, though, I do find myself watching Fox News more and more ’cause they are more honest than liberal networks. Love ’em or hate ’em, Fox News are the only real journalists left. I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but I do like to watch a few shows on there like Sean Hannity and “Justice” with Jeanine Pirro.

Our news media is so corrupt. They were the reasons why Trump won the election, they helped him. Keep up the hating and the negativity. Trump will win the 2020 re-election and you will never see a Democrat president ever again after that.



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