During national concerts, you don’t have to worry about forgetting lyrics anymore… thanks for lyrics teleprompters on stage…

I remember in the old days in national concerts, national bands had to memorize lyrics. The beauty of performing live is that you don’t always have to be perfect. You’re gonna forget lyrics, mispronounce words by mistake, you’ll stutter a lot, etc. If you watch famous rock bands play live in youtube, if you look carefully you’ll see a lyrics teleprompter in front of the stage. It’s one of the reasons national concerts sucks these days, ya know? They want everything to be perfect.

These days musicians don’t need to memorize lyrics anymore when performing live. For national musicians, they use lyrics teleprompters. For local and unsigned musicians, they use either Ipads, music stands to set notebooks on ’em, etc. It’s crazy.

Musicians and artists these days are getting even more lazy to memorize lyrics themselves. With me, I’ve always loved to memorize lyrics for songs. When I first started performing live, I started out reading off a music stand but I don’t do that anymore. I like to memorize lyrics by heart which is how it should be. At live shows, I’m gonna mess up lyrics by forgetting them and stuff but again that’s the beauty of “live” performing.

Reading lyrics while singing is not live performing, in my opinion. Sorry but it isn’t. Just get on stage and play what you got. If you mess up? Who cares, the audience is not gonna notice anyways!



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