Media continues to treat Barack Obama like he’s the best president we’ve ever had when in reality he’s the worst president in history…

In the beginning of Obama’s first term as president, the media treated him like an economics hero. Trying to make him look like he was gonna change the economy for the better. Media continues to make lies that he improved the economy when we all know that the economy is still shit. When you hear from liberals and the media claiming that the economy is in good shape, don’t listen to them. Our economy is still shit and it’s getting worse. The media is indeed lying about our “improved” economy. To prove that the media is lying about our so-called improved “economy” is all one has to do is look at our national debt. Our national debt is still skyrocketing high and it’s gotten even higher.

Obama quickly went from so-called “economics” hero to equal rights and Climate Change hero. Obama is now obsessed with equal rights and Climate Change.

Media continues to treat Obama like he’s the best thing that happened to America when the reality is that we all know that he’s the shittiest president we’ve ever had. The man is a monster and evil. It’s pretty easy to see. If you agree that Barack Obama is a great president, chances are… you’ve probably read too much of the Washington Post or watched too much CNN.

That’s why our media is messed up. They won’t be realistic on who Barack Obama really is. They won’t report anything about his communist ties and they refuse to investigate his past as well. Most Americans despise Obama and we want him out. If you’re one of the few who believes there’s nothing wrong with him, I’ll say once again, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. You probably read liberal garbage like the Washington Post, listen to NPR or watch MSNBC. You probably watch Rachel Maddow or Bill Maher or some of those other liberal TV shows is where you’re getting your info from.

It’ll be nice if dumb Americans would stop believing in one-sided opinions from the media and start looking at the truth. Hopefully we can stop this SOB from extending his presidency and hopefully we can elected a Republican president this time.

We tried our best to get people to wake up about Barack Obama but all people wanna do is shrug off most Obama criticism… call us conspiracy theorist, racist or whatever names they wanna call us. It’s like, we can’t criticize Barack Obama at all. Each time we do, people will defend him on everything even if it’s something small and not that big of a deal. Liberals are that obsessed with the man. I believe that Obama has been defended by people way too much, ya know? It’s pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. People treat him like he’s god or the King or something like that. It’s pretty sad that people defend somebody that you don’t know much about at all… Obama not having an authentic birth certificate, he keeps all of his colleges and grades sealed, he keeps his past so secretive… yet people continue to defend him on everything?

Anybody that continues to defend Obama all the time is a loser and an idiot. I don’t debate and argue with Obama defenders anymore like I used to. I’m glad I ignore them and avoid them like the plague. If all people do is have one-sided opinions all the time then they don’t deserve to debate with me.

Obama don’t deserve to be treated like a hero in the media ’cause in reality he hasn’t accomplished anything at all. All he has done successfully was destroy America. He’s really getting all of these accolades for nothing at all: the Nobel peace prize, getting on magazine covers like “Out”, “Rollingstone”, appearing on talk shows, etc. It’s really weird to me that America treats him like a national hero when the reality is he is the enemy of America.


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