St. Vincent, I think she’s my new favorite music artist!

I’ve never really heard of artist, St. Vincent before until I read an interview with her through Guitar World magazine once. Now that Apple Music streaming is finally here which I’m still subscribed to, I finally decided to check her out. I listened to all 5 of her albums and really enjoyed them all; however, I think her best album is her collaboration album with David Byrne, “Love This Giant”. All of her music is good stuff but the album she did with David Byrne was pretty amazing stuff. You should check out that album as well.

Yeah, St. Vincent is all strictly pop music but as long as she plays her own instruments and writes her own songs (which she does), I can respect her for that. A lot of pop music artists don’t play their own instruments or write their own songs but St. Vincent (whose real name is Annie Clark) is one of the very few pop artists who does all of her stuff on her own. Her music is enjoyable stuff. If you’re a fan of artists such as The Talking Heads and David Bowie like myself, you’d probably enjoy St. Vincent.

Best of all, Annie Clark plays guitar and her guitar playing is actually pretty good too. She also has a nice singing voice as well.


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