Why you shouldn’t listen to liberal opinions or viewpoints…

Liberals are very one-sided people. They’ve always have been and always will be. I ignore liberals like the plague these days. I don’t debate them at all. Why? Read Laura Ingraham’s tweet above and you’ll see why. It’s a proven fact that liberals won’t let us have our own opinions or viewpoints. When they disagree with us they’ll do anything to silence us. They’ll go as far as calling us every name in the book like “racist”, “bigot”, “conspiracy theorist”, etc. Whatever they could in order to silence us.

Liberals will only believe what the mainstream media tells them. If you call yourself a “liberal” then you probably get all your political info from sources such as NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc. You also probably get your info from other liberal rags like the Washington Post, NYTimes, Gawker, Media Matters, TIME magazine and all that crap. Once again, that stuff is not journalism. All they do is just feed ya one-sided views. The mainstream news is so liberal I can’t stand it and anybody that takes what they say seriously is dumb.

I can’t stand it when liberals defend liberal politicians all the time like Bernie Sanders, Hillary, Obama, etc… then they continue to act like the GOP are the bad guys. That’s because the mainstream media brainwashed them into getting them to think that way. Yes, the GOP are bad guys and evil. I would have to agree there but the Democrat politicians are no different. I wish liberals would think the same for Democrats but nope… nothing is ever wrong with Democrat/liberal political figures. They’re just normal people, doing good things for America (sarcasm).

The news is garbage. All of it. When liberals attack a GOP figure like Donald Trump for example and they show me an article that makes him look bad — chances are, that article will come from a liberal source like I listed above. I don’t pay attention to any of it. If you look at the news as something credible then you are really dumb and naive. Once again, I don’t watch or read the news anymore.

I don’t listen to liberals opinions and thoughts. I ignore all of that too. We really got to get rid of this “right vs. left” crap ’cause there’s no such thing. Stop calling yourself liberals. Stop calling yourselves conservatives. Get rid of the labels. I’m not on either side anymore. Liberalism is getting worse in America and conservatism is getting just as bad. All that garbage with Ted Cruz proves how bad conservatism has gotten. Donald Trump proves that the “right vs. left” just doesn’t work and that’s why he gets my full support.


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