Once Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump… Bernie and Hillary are done… also is Palin gonna be Trump’s running mate?

I don’t care what the haters think. I still love Sarah Palin even to this day. I’ve been quietly supporting her after all these years still ’cause if I continue to talk about her publicly, I know I’m gonna get slammed by stupid ass libtards. I know many libtards wants Bernie and some libtards want Hillary as president but once Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump hopefully today, Bernie and Hillary are done. Bernie and Hillary are finished. What does this mean when Sarah endorses Trump? Well, for starters, Sarah is a pretty popular conservative star. She’s just as big as Donald Trump. Once she endorses him, that’s gonna earn Donald Trump even more supporters than ever before. That’ll help get Trump even more voters.

It’s no secret that Palin and Trump have always been pretty close to each other so I wouldn’t be surprise at all if Trump chooses her as his running mate. She was John McCain’s running mate in 2008 so a second Vice-President run for Sarah? Sarah Palin might be Trump’s mysterious guest in Iowa. Once again, she could end up being his running mate too. I always saw that Palin and Trump would make a great team up in someway.

Once Trump gets Palin’s support that’ll give Trump the landslide win in the election. Sarah Palin is still awesome. I don’t care what the haters think.


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