Sarah Palin upsets a lot of her own fans after her Donald Trump endorsement…

Apparently a lot of Sarah Palin fans are Donald Trump haters and many of her fans just turned their backs on her. Which is no surprise ’cause which candidate do those Donald Trump haters support instead? That’s right. Many Sarah Palin supporters were mostly Ted Cruz supporters. They should have seen it coming ’cause Sarah just jumped aboard to help fight against Ted Cruz. I’d say that if you’re a Ted Cruz fan, you’re not a true conservative like you think you are. I think Ted Cruz is a closet liberal and hiding it. Those dumb so-called conservatives think Ted Cruz is fighting back at the Obama admin. but he never was. I mean, Ted actually backed a lot of Obama’s policies like Rubio stated at one of the GOP Debates… Rubio exposing Ted as a flip flopper. Ted Cruz supported Obama’s TPP trade but Cruz supporters continued to support him anyways.

That’s one thing I love about Trump, he’s so good at exposing all of those fake conservatives.

Ya see, I’m not on either side anymore. The conservative party has gotten so bad and so ridiculous… even they are driving me crazy as of late. Those so-called “right-wingers” love Ted Cruz. Really? I hate Ted Cruz. On top of that, Ted is not eligible for the White House. If you support Ted Cruz then I can’t support you. Ted would be a nightmare for the White House and we can’t have him. Ted will not be the GOP nominee that’s for sure so there’s nothing to worry about. Those so-called “right-wingers” can be just as bad as liberals. The right-wing community can be dumb, ignorant and misinformed too. It goes both ways, yo!

It’s turning out that a lot of “right-wingers” hate Donald Trump too. Both the left & the right hate Trump. Most Trump supporters has gone independent like me.


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