If you’re a Donald Trump supporter like me, you should ignore all liberal attacks against the guy…

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter like me and if you want to publicly show your support for Trump then chances are some dumb ass libtard will probably try to talk you out of supporting the guy. If you publicly show your support for Donald Trump, a libtard will come around and say you shouldn’t be supporting him. Then they’ll either show an article or some dumb misinformed meme that makes him look bad. When a liberal shows you an article that makes Trump looks bad… chances are the article is gonna come from garbage like: CNN, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, NYTimes, etc. which are the last places you should be getting your information from. Everybody knows the mainstream media isn’t to be trusted. The mainstream media gets paid to make conservatives look bad. That’s what they do. The media has always been bullies toward Trump. Everybody knows that the negative reporting on Donald Trump by the mainstream media is mostly bullshit and ridiculous. It’s funny that liberals actually fall for that stuff. Keep in mind that these are the same people who voted Obama twice and they are the same people that support old loons like Bernie Sanders.

I don’t believe libtard attacks against Donald Trump. I ignore negative articles written about Trump that is done by the mainstream media. I don’t pay attention to it. Liberals and the mainstream media tries their best to make Trump supporters look stupid and uneducated but it isn’t working so they can keep trying. I get dumb ass libtards trying to talk me out of supporting Donald Trump but I don’t care. I’m not listening to any of their shit. If they won’t listen to our Obama criticism then why should we listen to their Trump criticism? Fair is fair, right?

I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m staying loyal to Donald Trump and I have faith that Trump is the right guy. If there’s a negative article or story by any of the mainstream media outlets like the ones I listed above chances are it’s gonna be ridiculous and untrue. The media gets paid to make people look bad. That’s their job. That’s okay, though. All their attacks against Donald Trump is doing nothing but helping him anyways. Trump is gonna get elected ’cause of the media attacks. So keep it going. No matter what people say about Donald Trump, I’m always gonna support him and stay loyal to him so all Donald Trump haters can suck it.


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