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The media is pretty left-wing these days ’cause they think that’s what the people wanna see which isn’t true…

Why is most every media outlet these days is pretty left-wing? The answer is pretty simple really. It’s because they naively believe that’s what the American people wanna see. Most of the big media outlets: NBC, CNN, CBS, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR and all those giants are pretty left-wing in the news ’cause all their CEO’s are very liberal people. I’m pretty sure some journalists has got some conservative views in politics but they are not allowed to write that stuff ’cause they are being told what to do by their bosses. There’s so much liberal bias everywhere these days ’cause these media outlets want you to look at the world how they want you to see it, ya know? Even the CEO’s of these media outlets can be out of touch of reality. They believe that’s how we think when the reality is, most of us don’t think like that at all. Ya know, think liberal. Think far-left. Most of us don’t. Most of us believe that today’s journalism in the news is pretty corrupt and broken.

If anybody does think far-left… chances are, they’ve been brainwashed by the media for sure. These are the type of people who will believe anything the news tells them which to me is pretty saddening. This is why the mainstream media continues to be “far-left” news is ’cause some people eat up what they report and they actually believe in it which is why most of us call them “libtards”. Once again, they only believe what the MSM tells them. If more people would stop paying attention to the news like I do then maybe the MSM would stop being “left-wing”.

Our MSM is pretty corrupt. It’s gotta be pretty easy to see. That includes garbage like the Washington Post and NPR and I’ll have no problem knocking people for following them religiously. All they do is “one-sided” reported. All the news is pretty “one-sided” and I don’t like it at all.

Even the local news is pretty one-sided. I was at the mall yesterday and saw a copy of the Metroland where the front cover knocks the Keystone Pipeline so yep, I think I’m gonna boycott the Metroland for sure ’cause even they are very liberal. Metroland a local free newspaper from Albany.

I’m tired of liberal news everywhere. Hey news journalists… this is NOT what the American people wants to see. We want to see “real” journalism. Be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop trying to make it look like that liberal political views are good for America and conservative views are bad for America. Where’s the honesty on both sides? That’s what we all want to see! If you be realistic on both sides and not just on the “right-wing” side then maybe more people will take the media seriously but for now, most of us believe that today’s MSM is all a freakin’ joke. If you take the media seriously and believe everything they say is real well, you are a freakin’ joke too. Today’s news has honestly turned into the tabloids but worse.


How the Obama admin. is in control of the media… they just want people to view the world how they see it…

It’s gotta be pretty easy to see that the Obama admin. is in total control of the mainstream media. I’m sure the mainstream media wants to report news that are on both sides of the spectrum but I’m pretty sure that most media outlets stay on the left ’cause the Obama admin. wants them to. How? Well, Obama can’t do all the work himself to control the mainstream media so he has other people in his admin. help him out like look at the two charts above to see how. The Obama admin. has family members that work in the media that’s how they control it. The Obama admin. works very closely behind the scenes with the media. Whatever the media reports probably goes through the approval of Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett first. They’re the ones telling them what to report and what not to report. If you want more proof that the Obama admin. is in control of the media watch the video below where Valerie Jarrett kisses reporters on MSNBC.

It’s real disgusting to me that most of the media has agreed to work with the Obama admin. to help protect Barack Obama and help him stay in power. The reason that most of the media today is “far-left” is ’cause this administration wants the American people to view the world how they want to see it. Sadly the Obama admin. are winning and it’s getting even more difficult to fight back at them. It’s a real challenge to expose Obama ’cause the media protects him way too much.

I don’t waste my time reading or watching the news. I’m not like most people where they come home from work and then they relax and watch the evening news to see what’s going on in the world. I have way better things to do and I don’t even listen to “right-wing” talk radio either even though some people believe I might listen to “right-wing” talk radio like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck but I don’t listen to any talk radio. Not my thing. I’d rather spend most of my time playing my music, working out at the gym. When I do watch some TV… it’s either a good movie or a TV drama show but I don’t watch any news at all. All they do is feed ya one-sided views, the news can be “opinionated” as well.

Hopefully all this crap comes to an end when Donald Trump gets elected in office. When he does, you can expect the media to change the way they report their news. Seriously, kill your TV and stop reading the news on the internet or in the papers. I don’t need to watch the news to see what’s going on in the world and neither do you. Like I said before, everything you see in the news is not really how we think anyways which is probably why we all get called “conservatives” ’cause we have different views than the media. We’re just smart people who aren’t falling for their shit. Period.


Media Narrative Chart when reporting violence…


This chart describes media reporting on world violence pretty perfectly. This is why we’re all fed up with the mainstream media ’cause they are always dishonest about reporting violence in this world.

It’s called political correctness, y’all. This chart is so dead on.

It is why liberals fail to see that Muslims encourages violence. When people rightfully accuses Muslims of encouraging violence, they get called racist for doing so. Thanks for the corrupted MSM.

You can’t call non-white victims thugs or you’ll get called racist for that like Trayvon, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. Thanks to the political correctness of the corrupted MSM.

Keep watching and reading the news, you bunch of liberal idiots. All you’re doing is getting brainwashed by them.


James Woods calls out the MSM for not mentioning the word “Christians” in Oregon shooting reporting…

James Woods is right, I took a look through the NY Times article he’s referring to and they didn’t use the words, “Christian” or “Christians” once.


The same goes for other media outlets who doesn’t mention the Christian religion:

On NBC, there’s not gonna be one mention of “Christians” here:


On CBS news, you will never see the word “Christians” mentioned at all either:


On ABC news, this report doesn’t mention word, “Christians” either:


The Washington Post here writes about all the victims that were killed but doesn’t bring up their Christian religion in all of them:


The 9 victims…. (RIP to all of them, by the way)…. were probably all Christians, absolutely… it’s just that the MSM refuses to say so for whatever reason.

What’s going on in this fucking country? Libtard America trying to do whatever it takes to make Muslims look like good guys and make Christians look like bad guys.

I’m not a Christian at all and don’t plan on becoming one but I respect others belief in Christianity. If they want to join that religion, fine by me.

This is how corrupted and dishonest the MSM is, America. It’s a pretty cold and evil thing for the MSM to not mention the victims religion.

Obama didn’t even mention the word “Christian” once during his response to this either.

James Woods is right on the money.

This country really has gone to hell due to “political correctness” and corrupted liberalism. I’m tired of it.


How is the media dishonest & corrupt? It’s because they protect violent Muslims, Illegal Immigrants, black thugs, etc…

Have you ever wondered why some people don’t believe that Muslims are violent and encourages violence? Have you ever wondered why some people don’t believe that illegal immigrants are dangerous and violent people? Have you ever wondered why some people don’t believe some black men can be dangerous thugs when they get killed by cops yet some people think the black man is innocent??? It’s simply because the media protects the bad guys.

Let me explain:

Whenever violence is committed by Muslims in America and around the world… the media refuses to put “terrorism” and “Muslims” in the same sentence. You’ll never see that too much. A lot of times the media will totally ignore Islamic violence and not report it at all.

As far as Illegal Immigrants go, the media and Democrat politicians like to make it seem like illegal aliens are “good” people who need our help but the media refuses to acknowledge the fact that a lot of illegal aliens are a bunch of dangerous and violent criminals. Illegal aliens can be murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc. You’ll never see the media report that stuff about illegal immigrants instead they try to make them look like “good” people who need our help. That’s why people get mad as hell at Donald Trump and Ann Coulter for telling the truth about illegal immigrants ’cause the media will never admit that illegal aliens can be dangerous people and not to be trusted.

When that Kate Steinle murder happened, they refused to acknowledge the fact that the shooter was an illegal immigrant.

When it comes to black thugs getting killed by cops and other people, many can’t see that the black victim was a thug  ’cause the media protects them too. You’ll never see the media showing recents photo of Trayvon or Michael Brown before their deaths but instead they’ll show you photos of them being younger. You’ll never see the mainstream media report their past criminal history and all that stuff.

You see? That’s what the MSM does. They like to protect the bad guys and make them look good. They only do that when they are in a different color that is not white, you know what I mean?

When people are against violent Muslims or Illegal immigrants or black thugs, we’ll get called racist for it. That’s why the media protects Muslims, illegal immigrants and black thugs so that people who opposes them would get called a racist. The media did a great job making people who opposes Muslims, illegal immigrants and black thugs look bad. So therefor, we get labeled as “conservative” and too “right wing”. We’ll get called racist and bigots. All that stuff.

Why won’t the mainstream media be honest about Muslims, Illegal Immigrants and Black criminals? That’s one thing I can’t understand. Are the journalists worried about losing their careers if they do? That could be a big part of it, I would say. Another reason is so they can keep their liberal followers so they are careful not to try and offend their liberal followers. They also want to attract more liberal followers ’cause they believe “liberalism” works in America. Trying to ram “far-left” politics down our throats is their goal. That’s all they wanna do guys. Promote “liberalism” — ram it down our throats until they make our heads spin. Get more democratic votes for the liberal candidates.

You get the deal now, huh? You understand what’s going on here?

I’m fed up with the media for a lot of reasons like I explained above plus, they refuse to be realistic on the Obama presidency and they protect him too.

That’s why a lot of us support Donald Trump, y’all. He tells the truth that the media wouldn’t. If the media won’t be honest then Donald Trump will. That’s too bad but that’s how it goes so deal with it.






Want proof that the American people don’t trust the mainstream media? Well here ya go!

Ya know, a lot of us are getting frustrated and angry with the current mainstream media (or MSM for short). The reason a lot of us don’t trust the MSM much anymore is ’cause they’re dishonest and corrupt. Can’t you see it? All they want to do is ram “far-left” politics down our throats and then people would lie about the MSM not having any liberal bias.

We don’t trust the media anymore ’cause…

  1. They make the Obama presidency look good. Everyone should know that Obama is not the man who you think he is.
  2. They glorify homosexuality and gay marriage.
  3. They protect Islam and try to make that evil religion look good.
  4. They are simply dishonest nowadays. For example, they make a lot of lies about Donald Trump and some news networks ignore his poll numbers.

I can go on all day.


Don’t trust the media. I stopped watching the news, stopped reading the papers and stopped listening to talk radio for a pretty good reason.

Stop watching CNN, stop reading the NY Times & The Washington Post and stop listening to NPR ’cause you’re just getting brainwashed by them.

The only people who trusts the MSM these days are liberals. It’s real sad to see them naivety believe everything they say. Thanks to the loudmouth media, they got liberals to believe it’s racist to be against Islam, Obama’s presidency and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Seriously, kill your TV before it fries your brain.

A lot of us don’t pay any attention to the MSM anymore ’cause we’re fed up with it.


We’re not allowed to have our own opinions anymore, everything have to appease the liberals these days…

Each time a controversial thing happens in the news and if you have a different view than the liberals, you can expect a nasty backlash from them. Regardless of your political views, everybody should have a right for an opinion. If you don’t agree with the liberals, you’ll get a lot of shit from them. They’ll call you bigoted, troublemaker, conspiracy theorists, etc. Almost every name in the book. The liberals blindly follow everything the MSM (as in Mainstream Media for short) says ’cause that’s what the MSM do. Report left-wing news stories and one-sided views so they create controversial stories for more ratings and more magazine/newspaper subscriptions.

You can’t have your own opinion on gay marriage. You can’t have your own opinion on gun control and all of this “Black Lives Matter” stuff going on. You can’t be realistic about Megyn Kelly or you’ll get called “sexist” and you can’t criticize John McCain ’cause of his war-hero status. You can’t even defend Walter Palmer hunting down a lion in Africa.

If your opinion is different than liberals, you’ll be looked at as “offensive” and “controversial” when you should have every right for an opinion all you want to. That’s what the MSM does. That’s how they manipulate and control people. Brainwashing is what they do. What they’re trying to do is to get everyone to think “liberal”. It’s not gonna work with me. I’ll never think “liberal” and will never align myself with the left at all.

Liberals really do believe what the MSM say and take them seriously when they shouldn’t. If you’re conservative this is why you should ignore liberals like the plague ’cause you’ll never win with them. They won’t give up arguing with you until you agree with them, that’s how they work.

It’s not happening with me. I don’t have to appease the liberals and won’t. I will always have my own opinions and views no matter how pissed off people get.

Liberal intolerance is predictably getting worse. That’s what the MSM is teaching them. The MSM is teaching liberals to become intolerant. This really is the beginning of the end. Fuck the MSM, seriously. All those so-called journalists need to hang themselves.


Liberals won’t accept any kind of Obama truth outside of the MSM (Mainstream Media)…

You wanna tell liberals about Obama being responsible for Benghazi… forget it… they won’t listen to you. You wanna tell liberals about Obama’s birth certificate being fake… forget it… they won’t listen to you. You wanna tell liberals about the rumors out there that Obama might cancel the upcoming elections so he can extend his presidency? Forget it… they won’t listen to you. I think you get my point now. Liberals won’t believe any kind of Obama truth that is not being reported in the media. They won’t believe all the speculation that he’s trying to start a race war, they won’t believe that the destruction of America is Obama’s fault (instead they’ll blame it on Republicans or George W. Bush), they won’t believe that Obama is corrupted & criminal, they won’t believe that he could be Muslim, etc. Okay I think you get my point now of where I’m getting at. The point I’m trying to get at is that libtards won’t accept any kind of “right-wing” criticism toward their precious Obama. Why do you think a lot of us are getting fed up with liberals? Simply because they won’t listen when all we’re doing is trying to educate liberals that they shouldn’t trust and shouldn’t believe in Obama.

They will only believe what the MSM tells them: CNN, NBC, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. All libtard news sources where they get their info from. They wanna mistakenly believe that Obama isn’t a bad president at all just because the media tells them he isn’t a bad president. When we try to tell them how bad Obama is, they’ll make accusations like, “You listen to too much Rush Limbaugh or watch too much FOX News”, “Stop believing everything you read”, “You’re such a conspiracy theorist”, etc. That’s all libtards do, shrug off any kind of Obama criticism and it’s pissing me off, really. I’m not alone ’cause most of the “right-wing” community are getting fed up with liberals too.

Like I said before, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how bad of a president Obama is and you don’t need Rush Limbaugh or FOX News to tell you that. Obama being a horrible president is pretty easy to see and you don’t even need to look at all these “right-wing” alternative news sites to tell you that. It’s pretty easy to see that Obama is a fraud and it’s easy to see that Obama is doing bad things to the country. Obama is a pathological liar, a corrupted and criminal person… it should be pretty easy to see all that.

Honestly, I think libtards know what Obama really is and who he really is, many of them are afraid to admit it ’cause they can’t take the truth of who they just elected twice. The MSM makes Obama look good and many of us on the “right” are not falling for it. The MSM are not being realistic with the Obama presidency at all. If you really believe that the MSM is credible source then you are a fucking moron.

We really gotta do something about today’s MSM ’cause when Donald Trump gets elected hopefully he can change the way this country reports the news ’cause I’m getting tired of liberal America. It’s time for a fucking change.


George Orwell, “The people will believe what the media tells them to believe”…

What George Orwell once said is true and his statement is true even to this day. People do naivety believe everything they see in the mainstream news which s pretty sad, in my opinion. All the mainstream news does these days is just feed ya one sided views… mostly left-wing views and the sad part is a lot of people buy into that stuff. George’s statement is true because proof of that is how Barack Obama got elected twice. The media did all their best to make Barack Obama look good and they continue to make him look good today. They try to make him look like an authentic and important person and most people fell for it.

People never learn to think outside of the box. They never get themselves informed and do deeper research. Instead, they believe what the media tells them and most everything being reported in the media is fiction. All the false flag shootings, all of this Black Lives Matter crap, all of this liberalism vs. conservatives, etc. It’s all fictional as a way for the media to promote and protect liberalism.

Seriously, stop watching or reading the news. I did and you should too. I don’t read the news anymore and try not to… I just go by what goes on in social networking trends, ya know?

People really are naive and dumb these days and it’s gonna get even worse. The media turns people into misinformed voters so Democrats can win elections. That’s all they do it for, in my opinion. The media knows people can be naive and dumb. Why do you think Barack Obama got elected twice?

Stop trusting the media. The media is the big problem in this world, not career politicians. Anybody who actually trusts the media is an idiot. The mainstream media is getting worse. Honest journalism is dead these days and something needs to get done about it.


The main problem in America today is mainstream media…



The problem in America today is the mainstream media. They are not doing their jobs and they just stay on one side which is the left. The reason why not enough people are waking up about Barack Obama ’cause the media protects him at every turn. It’s pretty disgusting to me.

I don’t get my news from these outlets you see in this photo. I get my news from alternative sources such as InfoWars, the Blaze and places like those. That stuff is more realistic journalism than the mainstream news.

When they say “Kill your TV before it kills you” is right. I did exactly that and you should too. Stop watching the news, people. While I don’t watch TV anymore, there are a few TV shows I like to watch but they have nothing to do with news. I like to watch a few drama prime time TV shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Vikings”, “The Following” and things like that. Other than that, I stopped watching the news a long time ago.

This is why I believe that Barack Obama is in control of most of the mainstream media like in the photo you see above. So you ask? How would Obama be in control of the media?

Well for one, executive orders probably. Think how Obama would send these outlets an agreement for them to sign and then he would pay them a lot of tax money to protect them. A lot of our tax money that they can’t refuse. Think how Obama would negotiate with these news outlets behind the scenes.

I’m sure the media wants to be realistic on Obama’s crimes and scandals and all that stuff ’cause they know that this stuff would bring up the ratings but they can’t. I would think these news outlets signed some kind of agreement. Plus, people who work in the Obama administration are either family & friends with people who work in the media.

After the Brian Williams lie, should be good enough to see that the media can’t be trusted at all.

So why aren’t enough people waking up about Obama yet? Media is key. Think about it right? If they stopped staying on one side and did some realistic journalism, then maybe America would have woken up about him a long time ago. I really do believe that Obama is in charge of the media… telling them what to report and what not to report.

Honestly, this makes the media a bunch of criminals too for protecting criminals and letting him get away with things. The media never wants to hold Obama accountable for anything, that’s criminal. Not only that most of the Obama administration needs to be jailed, all the so called “journalists” needs to be jailed too.

If the mainstream media were honest about “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” then Obama would have been done a long time ago.

I wonder how the media will be when/if Obama leaves office in 2017? If he leaves office? There are a lot of rumors that he may still be president after 2016 due to a third term election or if they decide to go for “martial” law” and I hope that doesn’t happen. If that happens, we’ll be even more doomed than ever before. Like most people, I am sick of Obama though and sick of people defending him no matter the situation. Sick of it all.

Not only we have to do something about the Obama administration, we need to do something about our media too. Realistic journalism is pretty much dead.

Seriously, y’all stop watching and reading the news. It makes your IQ low and fries your brain. Don’t believe everything they report. I even think FOX News is crap as well so just so you know, I’m not on one side at all.