George Orwell, “The people will believe what the media tells them to believe”…

What George Orwell once said is true and his statement is true even to this day. People do naivety believe everything they see in the mainstream news which s pretty sad, in my opinion. All the mainstream news does these days is just feed ya one sided views… mostly left-wing views and the sad part is a lot of people buy into that stuff. George’s statement is true because proof of that is how Barack Obama got elected twice. The media did all their best to make Barack Obama look good and they continue to make him look good today. They try to make him look like an authentic and important person and most people fell for it.

People never learn to think outside of the box. They never get themselves informed and do deeper research. Instead, they believe what the media tells them and most everything being reported in the media is fiction. All the false flag shootings, all of this Black Lives Matter crap, all of this liberalism vs. conservatives, etc. It’s all fictional as a way for the media to promote and protect liberalism.

Seriously, stop watching or reading the news. I did and you should too. I don’t read the news anymore and try not to… I just go by what goes on in social networking trends, ya know?

People really are naive and dumb these days and it’s gonna get even worse. The media turns people into misinformed voters so Democrats can win elections. That’s all they do it for, in my opinion. The media knows people can be naive and dumb. Why do you think Barack Obama got elected twice?

Stop trusting the media. The media is the big problem in this world, not career politicians. Anybody who actually trusts the media is an idiot. The mainstream media is getting worse. Honest journalism is dead these days and something needs to get done about it.



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