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James Woods calls out the MSM for not mentioning the word “Christians” in Oregon shooting reporting…

James Woods is right, I took a look through the NY Times article he’s referring to and they didn’t use the words, “Christian” or “Christians” once.


The same goes for other media outlets who doesn’t mention the Christian religion:

On NBC, there’s not gonna be one mention of “Christians” here:


On CBS news, you will never see the word “Christians” mentioned at all either:


On ABC news, this report doesn’t mention word, “Christians” either:


The Washington Post here writes about all the victims that were killed but doesn’t bring up their Christian religion in all of them:


The 9 victims…. (RIP to all of them, by the way)…. were probably all Christians, absolutely… it’s just that the MSM refuses to say so for whatever reason.

What’s going on in this fucking country? Libtard America trying to do whatever it takes to make Muslims look like good guys and make Christians look like bad guys.

I’m not a Christian at all and don’t plan on becoming one but I respect others belief in Christianity. If they want to join that religion, fine by me.

This is how corrupted and dishonest the MSM is, America. It’s a pretty cold and evil thing for the MSM to not mention the victims religion.

Obama didn’t even mention the word “Christian” once during his response to this either.

James Woods is right on the money.

This country really has gone to hell due to “political correctness” and corrupted liberalism. I’m tired of it.