Liberals won’t accept any kind of Obama truth outside of the MSM (Mainstream Media)…

You wanna tell liberals about Obama being responsible for Benghazi… forget it… they won’t listen to you. You wanna tell liberals about Obama’s birth certificate being fake… forget it… they won’t listen to you. You wanna tell liberals about the rumors out there that Obama might cancel the upcoming elections so he can extend his presidency? Forget it… they won’t listen to you. I think you get my point now. Liberals won’t believe any kind of Obama truth that is not being reported in the media. They won’t believe all the speculation that he’s trying to start a race war, they won’t believe that the destruction of America is Obama’s fault (instead they’ll blame it on Republicans or George W. Bush), they won’t believe that Obama is corrupted & criminal, they won’t believe that he could be Muslim, etc. Okay I think you get my point now of where I’m getting at. The point I’m trying to get at is that libtards won’t accept any kind of “right-wing” criticism toward their precious Obama. Why do you think a lot of us are getting fed up with liberals? Simply because they won’t listen when all we’re doing is trying to educate liberals that they shouldn’t trust and shouldn’t believe in Obama.

They will only believe what the MSM tells them: CNN, NBC, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. All libtard news sources where they get their info from. They wanna mistakenly believe that Obama isn’t a bad president at all just because the media tells them he isn’t a bad president. When we try to tell them how bad Obama is, they’ll make accusations like, “You listen to too much Rush Limbaugh or watch too much FOX News”, “Stop believing everything you read”, “You’re such a conspiracy theorist”, etc. That’s all libtards do, shrug off any kind of Obama criticism and it’s pissing me off, really. I’m not alone ’cause most of the “right-wing” community are getting fed up with liberals too.

Like I said before, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how bad of a president Obama is and you don’t need Rush Limbaugh or FOX News to tell you that. Obama being a horrible president is pretty easy to see and you don’t even need to look at all these “right-wing” alternative news sites to tell you that. It’s pretty easy to see that Obama is a fraud and it’s easy to see that Obama is doing bad things to the country. Obama is a pathological liar, a corrupted and criminal person… it should be pretty easy to see all that.

Honestly, I think libtards know what Obama really is and who he really is, many of them are afraid to admit it ’cause they can’t take the truth of who they just elected twice. The MSM makes Obama look good and many of us on the “right” are not falling for it. The MSM are not being realistic with the Obama presidency at all. If you really believe that the MSM is credible source then you are a fucking moron.

We really gotta do something about today’s MSM ’cause when Donald Trump gets elected hopefully he can change the way this country reports the news ’cause I’m getting tired of liberal America. It’s time for a fucking change.


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