How is the media dishonest & corrupt? It’s because they protect violent Muslims, Illegal Immigrants, black thugs, etc…

Have you ever wondered why some people don’t believe that Muslims are violent and encourages violence? Have you ever wondered why some people don’t believe that illegal immigrants are dangerous and violent people? Have you ever wondered why some people don’t believe some black men can be dangerous thugs when they get killed by cops yet some people think the black man is innocent??? It’s simply because the media protects the bad guys.

Let me explain:

Whenever violence is committed by Muslims in America and around the world… the media refuses to put “terrorism” and “Muslims” in the same sentence. You’ll never see that too much. A lot of times the media will totally ignore Islamic violence and not report it at all.

As far as Illegal Immigrants go, the media and Democrat politicians like to make it seem like illegal aliens are “good” people who need our help but the media refuses to acknowledge the fact that a lot of illegal aliens are a bunch of dangerous and violent criminals. Illegal aliens can be murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc. You’ll never see the media report that stuff about illegal immigrants instead they try to make them look like “good” people who need our help. That’s why people get mad as hell at Donald Trump and Ann Coulter for telling the truth about illegal immigrants ’cause the media will never admit that illegal aliens can be dangerous people and not to be trusted.

When that Kate Steinle murder happened, they refused to acknowledge the fact that the shooter was an illegal immigrant.

When it comes to black thugs getting killed by cops and other people, many can’t see that the black victim was a thug  ’cause the media protects them too. You’ll never see the media showing recents photo of Trayvon or Michael Brown before their deaths but instead they’ll show you photos of them being younger. You’ll never see the mainstream media report their past criminal history and all that stuff.

You see? That’s what the MSM does. They like to protect the bad guys and make them look good. They only do that when they are in a different color that is not white, you know what I mean?

When people are against violent Muslims or Illegal immigrants or black thugs, we’ll get called racist for it. That’s why the media protects Muslims, illegal immigrants and black thugs so that people who opposes them would get called a racist. The media did a great job making people who opposes Muslims, illegal immigrants and black thugs look bad. So therefor, we get labeled as “conservative” and too “right wing”. We’ll get called racist and bigots. All that stuff.

Why won’t the mainstream media be honest about Muslims, Illegal Immigrants and Black criminals? That’s one thing I can’t understand. Are the journalists worried about losing their careers if they do? That could be a big part of it, I would say. Another reason is so they can keep their liberal followers so they are careful not to try and offend their liberal followers. They also want to attract more liberal followers ’cause they believe “liberalism” works in America. Trying to ram “far-left” politics down our throats is their goal. That’s all they wanna do guys. Promote “liberalism” — ram it down our throats until they make our heads spin. Get more democratic votes for the liberal candidates.

You get the deal now, huh? You understand what’s going on here?

I’m fed up with the media for a lot of reasons like I explained above plus, they refuse to be realistic on the Obama presidency and they protect him too.

That’s why a lot of us support Donald Trump, y’all. He tells the truth that the media wouldn’t. If the media won’t be honest then Donald Trump will. That’s too bad but that’s how it goes so deal with it.






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