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The mainstream media has been “Fake News” long before Trump became president… “Fake News” started because of Obama…

While it’s nice that a lot of people finally woke up about the mainstream media (or MSM), I knew that the MSM was fake long before Trump became president. The MSM has been “Fake News” ever since Obama got elected in 2008.  I even knew back then I couldn’t trust the media. The media has been trying to make liberal politicians look like they’re good people when they’re not.

They tried to make Obama look like an authentic person when he’s not. The media helped elected Obama when we never knew much about him. His birth certificate is fake and yes, it already has been proven many times that the media ignored. Obama has loads of sealed records that we can’t see and he won’t release. We don’t even know if Barack Obama/Barry Sotero are his real names either. We never knew anything about the guy but the media helped elect him anyways. Obama is not the guy that the media tries to make him out to be.

The media has already been “Fake News” for almost a decade now. For the 2016 elections, they tried to do that with Hillary. Tried to make her look like a good person when she’s not really but this time America woke up and they failed to get Hillary elected. Most Americans finally woke up and didn’t fall for their bullshit.

You guys know that I’ve been bashing the media for a long long time and I still can’t stand the media now. I don’t watch the news on TV anymore and don’t even read the papers. Mostly all liberal biased garbage.

It’s nice to see that America has finally woken up about the media:


I’ve been trying to warn you guys about the media for a long time but all you guys did was laugh at my face and continued to believe everything they say. NBC, CNN, The WaPost, The NYTimes, Media Matters, etc. Seriously, ya’ll STOP following that garbage. The news lost all credibility. There aren’t real journalists anymore except for a few of them. There are still real journalists around like Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, I consider that credible news and of course, we have Wikileaks. There’s a few real journalists left on FOX News too like Sean Hannity who’s in trouble by the left over the Seth Rich investigation. Hannity’s the real deal, always liked that guy. I trust Matt Drudge and Wikileaks more than anything, though. They report real news without the bias.

The media sucks, always did. They have gotten much worse under Trump as president, though.

I’m not lying when I say that I don’t watch the news on TV anymore. I don’t watch that much TV anyways. The only stuff I watch on TV are stuff on Netflix, WWE Network and I watch WWE RAW on Monday nights. I also watch movies on BluRay and play video games too. I don’t watch a whole lot of cable TV ’cause it’s all junk mostly. I spend most of my time playing guitar and making music anyways. That’s what I prefer to do more.

It’s real sad that many out there continue to watch the news on TV and actually takes them seriously. What will it take to end the liberal bias garbage in news reporting? It’s getting out of hand and so sick of it.

America wants fair and honest reporting, that’s why most of us go to the Drudge Report, Wikileaks and Sean Hannity. They are the real deal. Screw everything else. Yeah, even Breitbart News is getting bad.