Well, I actually agree with Obama on something for once…

Obama predictably responds to John Boehner’s lawsuit threat saying that it’s all a stunt and Obama said, “If Boehner is so concerned of my executive actions, why don’t he take action through Congress?”. Wait… did Obama just openly challenge Boehner to impeach him? That’s what it’s sounding like to me.

Yes, for once I finally agree with him on something. If Boehner was so concerned of his executive actions and his illegal presidency why don’t Boehner act through Congress instead of a lawsuit?


Obama predictably plays innocent victim like always claiming he’s doing his job and everyone else does nothing. Just another Obama lie. He hasn’t done anything to help this country since 2008 but bring us down. That’s all he’s doing to us. He will never take responsibility for his own actions… he will play innocent victim.

I do agree with Obama for this one time that Boehner’s lawsuit was just a weak stunt.

Listen to Obama in that video interview when he defends himself. He sounds like a little baby, doesn’t he?


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