I have lost faith and hope in our government, disgusting… we are about to arm our enemies… the Syrian rebels…

So the House and the Senate approved arming Syrian Rebels. Who are the Syrian Rebels? Are they good guys? If you think so, then you may wanna watch this video.

The Obama administration have been arming our enemies for a long while now… that’s what “Operation: Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” were about. It’s just that Obama have been arming our enemies privately behind the scenes.

Now his obsession with arming our enemies have been officially made public over Congress agreeing to arm Syrian rebels hoping to fight Isis. It looks like republicans even agreed with arming Syria. I’m really beginning to despise both parties. They are both traitors and they just sided with Obama.

Obama would never consult with Congress on anything unless they give him what he wants. Well, they gave him what he wanted for once and I’m sure Obama is happy as hell and enjoying it.

What’s wrong with sending our own troops over? What’s wrong with dropping drones or nukes on Isis?

I don’t think the Syrian Rebels are going to fight Isis either. The Syrian Rebels are just gonna join them and Isis will get even bigger and more powerful.

I am despising our government even more now.


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