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Joe Biden, a pedophile???

While Joe Biden here is swearing-in someone into the Senate, Biden attempts to kiss Senator Coons daughter and she seemed to be creeped out the whole time. Watch the video carefully and you can see that Biden has an obsession with this girl. His head close to her head the entire time. Yep, aired on national TV.

No outrage from the liberal media. You don’t see it on CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. If John Boehner did that, it would have been a hot news story in mainstream media for sure and liberals would be calling him a disgusting pig who needs to get his dick cut off and all that stuff. You don’t see liberals being outraged at Joe Biden for this. Oh that’s right, Biden is a democrat and according to this fucking country, the democrats are the good guys and they do nothing wrong.