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Harry Reid, you’re FIRED!!!

Even more exciting news that Obama’s lapdog, Harry Reid is terminated. In the words of Donald Trump, “Harry Reid, you’re fired!!!” Now that Harry Reid is officially done as Senate Majority Leader, it’ll be interesting to see how things go now that Obama’s protector is gone. Will all of Obama’s crimes like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, IRS, NSA, Obamacare, etc. start to unravel and will hopefully expose Obama the criminal that he is? We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Now that Harry Reid is done and Republicans took over Congress we should soon get more truths of all of Obama’s scandals. Just wait for it.

Here’s what’s gonna happen now that Republicans took over Congress, they’re gonna fight back at Obama’s illegal executive orders, they’re gonna try to get rid of Obamacare and they’re gonna try to force him to consult with Congress before trying something. They could also start working on trying to impeach Obama too.

This is a pretty exciting week. Obama’s days as president could be done very soon, that’s my next prediction.


Today is a huge celebration for right-wingers, take that libtards!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

In the words of Bill Murray, “We came, we saw, we kicked it’s ass”. My version of that quote would be, “We came, we saw, we kicked the libtards asses”!!! That’s exactly what we did yesterday as I predicted we would. We have full control of Congress just like we predicted. Now I can sit here and be entertained by watching libtards implode by our victory!!!

Gov. Cuomo disappointingly won second term as Governor of New York which fucking sucks (New York, voter fraud???) but I’m very happy that Republicans took over Congress.

Take that Obama!!! I’m sure Obama is pretty pissed off.

Today is a big celebration for America. Now we have full control of Congress, hopefully we can get rid of Obama soon. They should get right to work on that now. This is not only an opportunity to get rid of Obama, it’s also an opportunity to stop Hillary from running for President.

Celebration video coming soon, I think!!! Today is a great day for America!!! Welcome back, right-wingers. We came back strong and hard as I predicted. I’m sure liberals are raging mad but that’s tough shit. That’s what they get for how they treated Republicans/conservatives over the years. A big dose of karma for them.


Just voted today…

Just voted earlier today and I voted all Republican as I said I would. Delusional libtards in facebook think I’m crazy for voting this way and they’re predictably slamming me but I don’t give a shit. I stick to my political beliefs no matter what anyone else thinks. I really believe in my home country that I live in and disgusted at what Obama and the Democrats are doing with our homeland. Even though a lot of Americans out there are voting all Republican, I have a feeling it’s not gonna work ’cause of the voting fraud. If Democrats win, it’s voter fraud. I’m sure Democrats will accuse Republicans of voter fraud if we win but us Republicans don’t cheat. The Republican party maybe on the ballots but in some machines the Republican party won’t even go through, that’s how sneaky they are with voter fraud. Voter fraud by Democrats have already been confirmed in some states in the US, look this stuff up.

As for Republican politicians, I didn’t even know who they all are and don’t even know what their political views are… I just voted randomly… all Republican. I certainly didn’t want to vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo ’cause him and Obama are pretty much the same corrupted politicians. I never liked Andrew Cuomo anyways. That guy is a piece of garbage too.

I just find it hilarious how libtards can’t see how corrupt and broken the Democrat party is. Yeah, the Republican party is no different but at least us Republicans are real about it. We’re not afraid to admit that we’re not happy with some things in the Republican party. Why can’t liberals admit that there are some things in the Democrat party that they don’t like? I believe it’s because of their precious Obama. They don’t want to make him look bad and they’re afraid of being called racist and all that stuff. It can’t be that hard for them to admit that there is something wrong with the Democrat party. They’re just desperate in taking over our country just to make gay marriage legal in all states of the U.S.

I just don’t understand people in politics and their views. People are really messed up. Discussing politics with people these days is almost like WWE RAW or a soap opera.

Hopefully, the Republican party will kick the Democrats ass and hopefully us Republicans will keep the House and take over the Senate. Once that happens, then they can work on trying to impeach Obama.

I just saw the movie, “John Wick” in theater today and I’m about to review it now.


Today’s the big election day… get ready for a historic Republican take over!!!

It’s amazing how uninformed, libtards really are about politics. I honestly feel that a lot of people who are registered voters don’t know much about politics like they think they do. You wonder why they always vote for the wrong people???

In facebook this week, I put up a post about the election… ripping the Democrat party saying how it’s broken, corrupt and criminal… all that stuff hoping to encourage voters to vote all Republican but sure enough liberals in facebook laughed off the post. They defended the Democrat party and acted like there is nothing wrong with it. Some claimed I was “far off” about the Democrats being corrupt and broken. The people who wrote those comments got a few likes of what they said. Yet they continue to say hateful things about Republicans.

Democrats/liberals in America know that our country is in bad shape, they just don’t wanna blame it on Obama and the Democrats. It’s Bush’s fault and when they can’t find a way to blame things on Bush, they blame the destruction of America on Republicans overall. Sure, the Republicans are probably no different and I agree that Republicans were partly responsible on the Destruction of America but liberals need to learn that THEY ARE LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT too.

Stuff like Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, Obamacare, Isis, Ebola, etc. all that happened ’cause of the left and their crazy politics. They allowed Obama to do all that.

The division of politics is pissing me off. I hate how the left have exact opposites of opinion than the right. They won’t agree with the right on anything. It’s called intolerance. We would have no problem with the left if they would grow up and respect our opinions but they can get all hateful and dramatic when you have a different view than theirs. That’s a big reason why we’re getting so fed up with liberals. They really are a piece of work and it’s tough to debate with those low information idiots. We’re tired of it and we’re gonna show ’em today.

Those dumb ass liberals will never wake up on Obama. They’ll always have a hard-on for him no matter what he does. It’s make me sick too. Whenever people tell the truth about him, they just want to reject everything that is said and defend him no matter the situation. I don’t know why people get so obsessed with thinking that there is nothing wrong with this guy. I think it’s because they still “worship” him and they’re afraid to publicly admit it. If they did publicly admit that they still like him, they know they would get slammed by the right.

Whether they like it or not, us Republicans are gonna keep the House and we’re gonna take their Senate. Consider that a big dose of karma right there. Today’s election should be interesting.

I’m voting today but I’m going to the mall to shop around and see a movie. I’ll vote after.

To all those out there who DO know their politics and are smart about it, do the right thing and vote all Republican if you want your country back. It’s the best thing to do. I don’t care what anybody says, this is what I’m gonna do… vote all Republican. It’s just my way of saying, “Fuck You” to liberals.


Election day tomorrow…

It’s amazing how the left can’t see how broken, criminal and corrupt the Democrat party really is. Sure, the Republican party is no different but at least we are patriots and show love for our country unlike the Democrats. Republicans are more willing to fix our country and make our nation strong again. That’s all we Republicans want. To get our country back. So for that we need to get rid of all the criminal and corrupt political leaders like Harry Reid and others. Americans are getting fed up with the Democrat/liberal side and we’re gonna show ’em how fed up we are tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow, I’m planning on voting. I know I’m only able to vote politicians in New York State who are running for the House and Senate in Congress but I’ll do whatever I can to help by voting all Republican. I’ll do whatever I can to help turn New York into a Republican state. New York is currently a Democrat state. If you wanna get rid of Gov. Cuomo as New York Governor gotta vote him out and I will do that as well.

If you want to hopefully get rid of Obama as president, voting all Republican is the best thing to do. I used to vote for people in government based on who is best for the job but the way this country is going these days, I feel it’s best to vote all Republican just like what most are doing. In order to get rid of Obama, voting out Harry Reid is key. Harry is nothing but Obama’s lapdog, ya know??? Harry is the one who have been protecting Obama over his crimes.

America is fed up with the Democrat/Liberal party. It’s time to show ’em how fed up and pissed off we are. Another reason that most of us are voting all Republican is not only to help fix our country, this is just our way of trying to fight back at the left’s voting fraud.

Be ready for a historic day tomorrow, libtards. The Republican party is about to make a huge comeback tomorrow and we’ll come back STRONG. I can’t wait to see how the left is gonna react when Republicans take over tomorrow. I’ll get the popcorn ready.


I’m predicting Republicans will dominate Congress on Nov. 4th next Tuesday…

So election day is next Tuesday, Nov. 4th. Will I vote next Tuesday? Not sure. Thinking about it. If I did, I would probably just go in and vote all republican like most Americans seem to be doing. It’s looking like that Republicans will dominate Congress next week. So far, it’s definitely looking like us Republicans are going to get our House and Senate.

Why is America desperate in wanting Republicans to take over Washington? It’s because the answer is really simple. We’re tired of the corrupt and broken democrat party. We feel that the democrats ruined America. We’re tired of democrats protecting Obama over his crimes. We’re tired of Democrat congressmans and senators committing crimes and getting away with it while Republicans go to jail for getting caught. I predict that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will get voted out. I predict John Boehner will get voted out too even though he is Republican.

A lot of people make the mistake to think that the reason that we want a Republican take over of Washington is ’cause to help get Obama impeached. Well, that is partly true. We do want republicans to take over to help get rid of Obama but it goes deeper than that. We want a Republican take over so we can help fix our country and get our country back. Democrats are delusional and they can’t see that our country is in bad shape either that or they just don’t care. We know that Republicans will fix our government and do something about it.

I think a Republican take over of D.C. is good actually. That’s what America needs. The democrats have been doing nothing but protecting Obama over his crimes and scandals. With a Republican lead Congress both the House and the Senate we could get to the bottom of each Obama crime and scandal more quicker

It’s gonna be interesting to see what’s gonna happen next Tuesday. I’ll probably pay attention to next Tuesday’s election. I do know that liberals and democrats in America wanna democrat take over but it’s looking like that’s not gonna happen. So liberals should be very scared of next Tuesday. If Democrats come in power again and they take over Congress with both the House and the Senate… that wouldn’t surprise me. Obama is gonna do whatever it takes for a democrat take over with a simple method of “voter fraud”. That’s how democrats stayed in power for the past several years by “voter fraud”. That’s how Obama got voted twice is by “voter fraud”. Hopefully, Republicans can stop the democrats from cheating elections.

I’m rooting for Republicans to takeover next Tuesday. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


I have lost faith and hope in our government, disgusting… we are about to arm our enemies… the Syrian rebels…

So the House and the Senate approved arming Syrian Rebels. Who are the Syrian Rebels? Are they good guys? If you think so, then you may wanna watch this video.

The Obama administration have been arming our enemies for a long while now… that’s what “Operation: Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” were about. It’s just that Obama have been arming our enemies privately behind the scenes.

Now his obsession with arming our enemies have been officially made public over Congress agreeing to arm Syrian rebels hoping to fight Isis. It looks like republicans even agreed with arming Syria. I’m really beginning to despise both parties. They are both traitors and they just sided with Obama.

Obama would never consult with Congress on anything unless they give him what he wants. Well, they gave him what he wanted for once and I’m sure Obama is happy as hell and enjoying it.

What’s wrong with sending our own troops over? What’s wrong with dropping drones or nukes on Isis?

I don’t think the Syrian Rebels are going to fight Isis either. The Syrian Rebels are just gonna join them and Isis will get even bigger and more powerful.

I am despising our government even more now.


I’m praying and hoping the House destroys “Immigration Reform” and not let it pass…

Usually, new bills are introduced to the House first. Then it gets passed along to the Senate  if it’s passed through the House. This time things are a little different and it’s the other way around. This bill was started by Senators by people who are known as the Gang of 8.  8 people from the Senate. In this group has a mix of democrats and republicans who are all for this bill started by them. The bill passed 68 – 32.

I’m no expert on law and I don’t have much in studying for it yet but I’ll have to say that “Immigration Reform” is horrible for a lot of reasons. A few big ones are: 1) Their border security ideas are absolutely horrible 2) We’ll be paying for it 3) This will worsen our economy 4) We can’t be awarding illegal aliens citizenship especially after all the gun violence going on in America 5) This is even more complex than Obamacare.

As you can see President Obama is pretty desperate to get this law passed to him so he can sign it into law officially. I really hope the House vote “Nay”. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me that it would get passed anyway. Not only democrats are all for this bill, there are a lot of Republicans in the Senate who voted for “Immigration Reform”. So I feel that Republicans who voted for this are traitors of America.

See? The government is full of evil and shady people — that includes the House and the Senate. Especially Marco Rubio — that guy is such a lying scum bag. He should be happy that he got his law passed through the Senate ’cause I believe this whole thing was his idea. He had the other 7 people in the gang of eight help him with it.

If this bill is passed in the House, then the United States of America will be doomed for good. That’s all President Obama wants to do to us is to destroy this country. If you honestly believe he wants to help us, then you’re delusional.


BREAKING NEWS: Senate shoots down Obama’s, “Background Check”, proposals…

Today’s an exciting and joyful day, for gun lovers all across, America. The Senate has shot down, Obama’s, proposals on background checks for gun purchasing at gun shows, and on the internet. Sure enough, the President is angry, and crying about it. Accusing the Senate of “politics”, and accusing gun lobbyists, and it’s allies, lying about the bill. The Senate did the exact right thing, by respecting the 2nd Amendment. “Well-regulated”, doesn’t mean control or change. It means well-trained or well-disciplined. Look it up yourself. Also, what part of “shall not be infringed”, do people not understand? If you disrespect the 2nd Amendment, you are a traitor to this country.

This is not really about putting guns in the hands of every American; it’s about respecting the Constitution. That’s what this is about. That’s what the Senate did. The world doesn’t revolve around, Obama, just because he’s President of the United States. He’s all about power, and ego. His response today, totally shows it. It’s not a shameful day in, Washington. It’s actually a good day.

More on the story, here.