Today’s the big election day… get ready for a historic Republican take over!!!

It’s amazing how uninformed, libtards really are about politics. I honestly feel that a lot of people who are registered voters don’t know much about politics like they think they do. You wonder why they always vote for the wrong people???

In facebook this week, I put up a post about the election… ripping the Democrat party saying how it’s broken, corrupt and criminal… all that stuff hoping to encourage voters to vote all Republican but sure enough liberals in facebook laughed off the post. They defended the Democrat party and acted like there is nothing wrong with it. Some claimed I was “far off” about the Democrats being corrupt and broken. The people who wrote those comments got a few likes of what they said. Yet they continue to say hateful things about Republicans.

Democrats/liberals in America know that our country is in bad shape, they just don’t wanna blame it on Obama and the Democrats. It’s Bush’s fault and when they can’t find a way to blame things on Bush, they blame the destruction of America on Republicans overall. Sure, the Republicans are probably no different and I agree that Republicans were partly responsible on the Destruction of America but liberals need to learn that THEY ARE LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT too.

Stuff like Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, Obamacare, Isis, Ebola, etc. all that happened ’cause of the left and their crazy politics. They allowed Obama to do all that.

The division of politics is pissing me off. I hate how the left have exact opposites of opinion than the right. They won’t agree with the right on anything. It’s called intolerance. We would have no problem with the left if they would grow up and respect our opinions but they can get all hateful and dramatic when you have a different view than theirs. That’s a big reason why we’re getting so fed up with liberals. They really are a piece of work and it’s tough to debate with those low information idiots. We’re tired of it and we’re gonna show ’em today.

Those dumb ass liberals will never wake up on Obama. They’ll always have a hard-on for him no matter what he does. It’s make me sick too. Whenever people tell the truth about him, they just want to reject everything that is said and defend him no matter the situation. I don’t know why people get so obsessed with thinking that there is nothing wrong with this guy. I think it’s because they still “worship” him and they’re afraid to publicly admit it. If they did publicly admit that they still like him, they know they would get slammed by the right.

Whether they like it or not, us Republicans are gonna keep the House and we’re gonna take their Senate. Consider that a big dose of karma right there. Today’s election should be interesting.

I’m voting today but I’m going to the mall to shop around and see a movie. I’ll vote after.

To all those out there who DO know their politics and are smart about it, do the right thing and vote all Republican if you want your country back. It’s the best thing to do. I don’t care what anybody says, this is what I’m gonna do… vote all Republican. It’s just my way of saying, “Fuck You” to liberals.


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