Just voted today…

Just voted earlier today and I voted all Republican as I said I would. Delusional libtards in facebook think I’m crazy for voting this way and they’re predictably slamming me but I don’t give a shit. I stick to my political beliefs no matter what anyone else thinks. I really believe in my home country that I live in and disgusted at what Obama and the Democrats are doing with our homeland. Even though a lot of Americans out there are voting all Republican, I have a feeling it’s not gonna work ’cause of the voting fraud. If Democrats win, it’s voter fraud. I’m sure Democrats will accuse Republicans of voter fraud if we win but us Republicans don’t cheat. The Republican party maybe on the ballots but in some machines the Republican party won’t even go through, that’s how sneaky they are with voter fraud. Voter fraud by Democrats have already been confirmed in some states in the US, look this stuff up.

As for Republican politicians, I didn’t even know who they all are and don’t even know what their political views are… I just voted randomly… all Republican. I certainly didn’t want to vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo ’cause him and Obama are pretty much the same corrupted politicians. I never liked Andrew Cuomo anyways. That guy is a piece of garbage too.

I just find it hilarious how libtards can’t see how corrupt and broken the Democrat party is. Yeah, the Republican party is no different but at least us Republicans are real about it. We’re not afraid to admit that we’re not happy with some things in the Republican party. Why can’t liberals admit that there are some things in the Democrat party that they don’t like? I believe it’s because of their precious Obama. They don’t want to make him look bad and they’re afraid of being called racist and all that stuff. It can’t be that hard for them to admit that there is something wrong with the Democrat party. They’re just desperate in taking over our country just to make gay marriage legal in all states of the U.S.

I just don’t understand people in politics and their views. People are really messed up. Discussing politics with people these days is almost like WWE RAW or a soap opera.

Hopefully, the Republican party will kick the Democrats ass and hopefully us Republicans will keep the House and take over the Senate. Once that happens, then they can work on trying to impeach Obama.

I just saw the movie, “John Wick” in theater today and I’m about to review it now.


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