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I’m predicting Republicans will dominate Congress on Nov. 4th next Tuesday…

So election day is next Tuesday, Nov. 4th. Will I vote next Tuesday? Not sure. Thinking about it. If I did, I would probably just go in and vote all republican like most Americans seem to be doing. It’s looking like that Republicans will dominate Congress next week. So far, it’s definitely looking like us Republicans are going to get our House and Senate.

Why is America desperate in wanting Republicans to take over Washington? It’s because the answer is really simple. We’re tired of the corrupt and broken democrat party. We feel that the democrats ruined America. We’re tired of democrats protecting Obama over his crimes. We’re tired of Democrat congressmans and senators committing crimes and getting away with it while Republicans go to jail for getting caught. I predict that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will get voted out. I predict John Boehner will get voted out too even though he is Republican.

A lot of people make the mistake to think that the reason that we want a Republican take over of Washington is ’cause to help get Obama impeached. Well, that is partly true. We do want republicans to take over to help get rid of Obama but it goes deeper than that. We want a Republican take over so we can help fix our country and get our country back. Democrats are delusional and they can’t see that our country is in bad shape either that or they just don’t care. We know that Republicans will fix our government and do something about it.

I think a Republican take over of D.C. is good actually. That’s what America needs. The democrats have been doing nothing but protecting Obama over his crimes and scandals. With a Republican lead Congress both the House and the Senate we could get to the bottom of each Obama crime and scandal more quicker

It’s gonna be interesting to see what’s gonna happen next Tuesday. I’ll probably pay attention to next Tuesday’s election. I do know that liberals and democrats in America wanna democrat take over but it’s looking like that’s not gonna happen. So liberals should be very scared of next Tuesday. If Democrats come in power again and they take over Congress with both the House and the Senate… that wouldn’t surprise me. Obama is gonna do whatever it takes for a democrat take over with a simple method of “voter fraud”. That’s how democrats stayed in power for the past several years by “voter fraud”. That’s how Obama got voted twice is by “voter fraud”. Hopefully, Republicans can stop the democrats from cheating elections.

I’m rooting for Republicans to takeover next Tuesday. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.