Think it’s safe to say that Obama had made the Democrat party much worse…

I could have sworn that the Democrat party wasn’t this bad back when George W. Bush was president. That’s because back then “gay marriage” and “LGBT” rights wasn’t a huge issue. Now the Democrat party and “liberalism” is trying all they can to ram LGBT rights and all of this human rights stuff down our throats. From what I remember, the Democrat party didn’t use to be this way. In the old days, the Democrat party used to be against gay marriage and all of this LGBT stuff.

This is not what JFK would have visioned the Democrat party. If you knew JFK well, he was VERY anti-communism. In today’s Democrat party, they seem to be all for Communism. Also, JFK was a very religious man back in the day so that would mean that JFK would be against gay marriage and all this LGBT stuff. Today’s Democrat party isn’t what it used to be.

So what would today’s Democrats/liberals would think of JFK now??? Today’s Democrats/liberals would hate JFK… read this interesting article:

Today’s Democrats seems to want to raise the taxes and keep the budget so high but Kennedy would want to lower that stuff. Keep the budget low. Kennedy would also keep the military strong and powerful. Kennedy gave the United States an economic boost back in the day so he was definitely one of the presidents who knew what he was doing when it came to economics. Even though Kenndy was a Democrat, I thought he was a great president, honestly.

The Democrat party definitely changed over the years, absolutely. The same goes for the Republican party. Even the Republican party has changed a lot under Obama. If Kennedy was still alive today, he would be disgusted at how the Democrat party is going. JFK is rolling in his grave for sure. I believe that the Democrat party used to be the conservative party but it’s not anymore obviously.

It’s not only Obama’s fault that Democrats has gotten worse, I would also blame our corrupt news media and career politicians. They are at fault too. This is what Obama wants, though. He’s intentionally changing both political parties ’cause it’s just his way of destroying America. End of story???

We really need Trump in the White House badly.



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