If you want to know more about the Jaliek Rainwalker case, check this out… #JusticeForJaliek

The reason this case has went from missing person to homicide is quite simple, it’s because Stephen and Jocelyn refuses to cooperate in this investigation. That’s why the police and most everyone in Greenwich believes this trashy couple is hiding something.

Ya know, if Jaliek really did runaway from home then why don’t Stephen and Jocelyn prove it to law enforcement? That’s all the police wants them to do is to work with them on what happened to Jaliek. If they were really innocent then they would prove it to the police but instead they flee to Vermont. You don’t prove your innocence by hiding behind a lawyer ’cause that’s pretty cowardly. Hiding behind a lawyer doesn’t prove anything. They seem to be scared of the police. That’s why people are starting to believe that they’ve got something to hide ’cause this couple don’t want to go to prison.

Learn more about the Jaliek Rainwalker case in this link if you want to learn more of what I’m talking about:


Yes, it is possible to get away with murder. Sure, Jaliek may have had his problems and issues. Jaliek may have been a huge pain in the ass to this family, sure but he didn’t deserve to get killed over it. I think it’s possible that Stephen may have beat the kid to death in that house on Hill St., either that or drowned him. It could have been by accident or it was intentional. Then Stephen disposed the body. Got rid of the body or buried it at a really good hiding spot. Stephen and Jaliek were together in that house on Hill St. and then Jaliek was never seen again so the disappearance is very suspicious.

It’s pretty insane. The Jaliek Rainwalker case is still under investigation while this piece of trash of a mother blogs about parenting on the “Macroparent” blog on wordpress.

A kid goes missing and then she goes off about how great of a parent she is? Wow.

Once again, I think there will be closure on this case someday in the future. The sooner, the better, though. The police will catch Stephen and Jocelyn somehow. They’ll get nailed. Trust me. This couple deserves prison and that’s what they’re scared of. That’s what they’re trying to avoid.

I care about this kid named, Jaliek ’cause he’s from my hometown of Greenwich. I’ve been following this case ever since it happened. I’m just trying to help by keeping the story going and hoping to give this case more attention by posting it on my blog.


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