The Expendables suing hard on film leak!!!

“The Expendables 3” has already leaked on the internet and Lionsgate studios are not taking any shit! Film leaks happen all the time in the movie industry but most studios don’t do anything about it with the exception of Lionsgate. Lionsgate take piracy very seriously. Their demands are pretty tough too.

Good for them. I’m glad they’re taking action and doing something about it. They seem to be very proud of the film.

I’m looking forward to Expendables 3. I’m a huge Expendables fan. Loved the first two films and will be seeing the third this month. Despite the PG-13 rating of the third film, I’m sure it will still be entertaining as hell.

I think this is the last Expendables movie that Sly will be starring in, though. I think he said he’ll be done with these movies but I’m sure the Expendables will keep going with more sequels just without Sly.

Love Sly or hate him, he’s amazing at what he does. He has created three big franchises in his career: Rocky, Rambo and the Expendables. You should respect him for that. I’m still a big fan of Sly and still look forward to every new movie he comes out with.


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