Sly Stallone admits “Expendables 3” being PG-13 rated was a “horrible miscalculation”…

Sly and Lionsgate studios tried to experiment with the PG-13 rating for “Expendables 3”, hoping it would attract a more younger audience. Unfortunately, their goal failed miserably ’cause “Expendables 3” was a box office bomber. The first two were very successful simply because everybody loves the graphic violence with those movies. What do you expect, ya know? When you have an action movie full of iconic tough guys, people expect to see that kind of graphic violence and we didn’t get that with, “EX3”. In “EX3” there was tons of violence in the film but there was less-blood and less-swear words. Not what we want to see in an “Expendables” movie. Well, Sly Stallone is admitting they were wrong with the PG-13 rating and they’re going back to the way they were before for the next film except the next film is gonna be even darker.

Now that Kurt Russel is finally back to working on film again (he’s got a role in “Fast and Furious 7” and Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight”), hopefully Sly can get Kurt for “EX4”.

As for other actors for “EX4”??? I’d say Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be a nice addition to the cast. I’m shocked they have never gotten Dwayne yet. I would also go for Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel. Why Tom Cruise? Love him or hate him, Tom’s been in plenty of action movies over the years of his career so I think he would be a nice addition.


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