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Report: Stallone to reunite with Sandra Bullock for “The Expendables”???

Oh my!!! Sly is not only reuniting with Dolph Lundgren, Sly may also be reuniting with Sandra Bullock for “The Expendables” also!!! As you know, Sly and Sandra Bullock starred alongside each other in the sci-fi action adventure “Demolition Man”. Sly is now after Sandra to play one of the female leads for “Expendables”.

So far Sly has Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Forrest Whitaker and Juliana Paes. There is still more characters for Sly’s mercernaries group in the film, so Sly is still not done signing big names yet.

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If Sly can actually sign Arnold Schwarzenegger to the film, lets hope our dream of Sly and Arny teaming up would come true. It’s possible Sly is after Arny for the movie, because those two guys have been spending a lot of time together lately, so that’s pretty questionable. Crosses fingers that Arny will be “Expendable” too!!!


Report: Juliana Paes, a brazilian actress lands the female lead in Stallone’s “The Expendables”…

Look like Sylvester Stallone just found his female lead for his upcoming new action flick “The Expendables”. Stallone signed brazilian actress, Juliana Paes, as his female sidekick. She’s been in many soap operas in Brazil and she’s very famous there, Sly has always been known to give unknown actors/actresses a shot.

This news was exclusively reported at “The Stallone Zone”, a fan site message board, so it could be just a rumour, as there is no real official source. Maybe Sly himself will speak out on this soon to tell us if it’s true, that Juliana has been signed as the female lead. I hope it is true because she is pretty smoking.

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Report: UFC fighter, Randy Couture is casted in Stallone’s “Expendables”!!!

It is no secret to me that Sylvester Stallone is a huge fan of UFC. Stallone just casted legendary UFC fighter, Randy Couture, in “The Expendables”.

AintItCool exclusively breaks the news, they also confirm that Forrest Whittaker is also casted.

AintItCool reports:


Looking great so far, Sly!!!

This movie will be a fun action ride. When this movie comes out in the future, expect UFC to promote it pretty heavily since Randy is in it.