On Expendables 3 casting: Where is Arnold, Jackie Chan and Nic Cage??? They’re not in it?

It looks like Arnold decided not to be in the next Expendables movie for whatever reason. I could have sworn that Jackie Chan was on board to have a role but looks like they couldn’t get him. Same with Nicolas Cage. Nic Cage has been confirmed for the next movie for a long while but don’t see his name in the official cast listing. Ah well, maybe those guys will be in EXP4. Maybe Arnold felt he couldn’t be in it since Bruce dropped out? As for why Jackie and Nic dropped out, I don’t know… maybe they’ll explain soon.

That’s the thing with Expendables casting when you want to have a movie full of iconic stars it’s going to be tough to see who’s available and who’s not. Sly even tries to get Steven Seagal and Kurt Russell in these movies but no luck.

I give so much kudos and respect for the original cast for sticking with these movies: Dolph, Jason, Randy, Terry, and Jet. Seems like those guys are committed to these films.

A lot of people like to make fun of the “Expendables” movies ’cause of old muscle dudes beating each other up but I enjoyed the first two films. Hell, the writing needs work and so does the direction but they get improvement in every film. I respect what these guys do for these movies ’cause they have heart and passion for it. They’re committed ’cause they want to entertain people and their fans, that’s pretty much what these movies are about. They want to entertain people who love action movies and that’s why they have all these iconic stars from action movies over the years.

I think, “The Expendables”, is a pretty interesting franchise. Love these movies or not, Sly is a hard working guy and he certainly has a “don’t quit” attitude about him, I respect him for that. Although, Sly can be a bit difficult, weird, and ego-driven with his cast… I still respect Sly for his dedication and commitment with these films.

You can tell that Sly is doing the, “Expendables”, movies just for fun. He definitely looks like he’s having a blast and he shows it.


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