Sylvester Stallone confirms he’s reprising his role as Barney Ross in “Expendables 4”, shooting down speculation of him not coming back…

Due to Sly’s fallen out with Nu/Image Millennium in the past, there was a lot of speculation and rumors of him not coming back. Now that him and the studios are on good terms, Sly himself confirmed the news that he is indeed coming back as Barney Ross. It’s good ’cause I can’t see The Expendables movies go on without him. Glad a 4th one is happening with Sly in it.

Now that EX4 has been officially greenlighted and Sly is going to be coming back, it’ll be interesting to see who they’ll add in the cast. Like I said before, I hope they get Kurt Russell this time. Clint Eastwood would be cool too if Sly’s lucky enough to get him.

So Rocky coming back in “Creed 2”. Barney Ross coming back in “EX4” and there’s possibly a “Rambo 5” coming too. Sly keeping himself busy. It’s a part of why I admire him. Sly loves making movies. It’s a passion of his and he shows it.


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