Trump is in really good health, sorry haters!

For a long while now the Fake News media has been making crazy speculations about Trump’s health. Many saying he has early signs of dementia and all that shit. They even went as far as saying he is mentally ill so which is it?

Well, President Trump went to take a physical at Walter Reed and doctors there say he’s in really good health…. meaning, there’s nothing wrong with the man at all.

Media and haters wants to make wild speculations about Trump’s health, well looks like Trump has shot them all down for good.

Imagine if Hillary was president. If she was president and if she had to take her physical at Walter Reed would she have released this info to the media? No probably not. Media kept her health pretty secretive throughout the campaign trail during the 2016 elections and I’m sure the media will still cover up her health problems. No doubt there is something wrong with Hillary: the nonstop coughing, collapsing, drinking a lot of water, using a stool to stand so she won’t fall, etc. I can go on and on. Lets see Hillary’s health? Why are the media so secretive about it? What does Hillary have to hide?


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