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Report: Say what? Sylvester Stallone is set to play Rocky one more time??? Seems like it’s for real!!!!

Sly maybe done with the Rocky series but he never said anything about retiring the character for good! There’s a spinoff movie coming from the Rocky franchise. A film called, “Creed”, which will focus on the life of Apollo Creed’s grandson. MGM studios is setting Ryan Coogler to direct and Michael B. Jordan to play the grandson of Apollo. Sylvester Stallone is set to reprise his role as Rocky Balboa for the 7th time.

The story will be about Appolo’s grandson wanting to become a boxing champion much like his grandfather, Appolo, but he doesn’t have to and his family doesn’t want him to. So he goes for Rocky Balboa who is a retired boxer and becomes a mentor for Apollo’s grandson (Rocky will be his possible trainer too, I bet?).

Read the full story, here.

MGM studios must of gotten Sly’s written permission to make this movie since Sly fully owns the rights to the Rocky franchise. So Sly himself must be all for this film! I’m all for Sly playing Rocky one more time. He deserves another shot since, “Rocky Balboa”, the last Rocky film was kind of a disappointment and a let-down. “Rocky Balboa” was a good movie, don’t get me wrong but could have been a better film.

Sly has been talking about bringing Rambo back to the big screen for one last time!

I’m definitely looking forward to the “Creed” film and looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with it! I wonder if they’ll bring back Burt Young to play Paullie again as well?


Thought: I think Creed will learn their lessons from the past with their music…

So you wonder what Alter Bridge frontman, Myles Kennedy thinks about the Creed reunion? I’m sure Alter Bridge is still going on, but I don’t think Myles Kennedy is upset at all about the other guys reuniting Creed. I would think Myles is happy about it. There were talks about the Creed reunion ever since Myles Kennedy auditioned for Led Zeppelin and it actually happened for reals this time.

As for what Creed’s music is going to sound like for their 4th studio album with new songs? I think the band will learn from their past mistakes in their careers. They will go back to a rock oriented band instead of a mainstream pop band.

I think Creed’s “My Own Prison” was their best album because that album pretty much focused on the metal genre, close enough. The other two Creed albums were pop albums. I think Creed will go back to the hard rock stuff so that we can all love them again and silence all the nay sayers.

I’m sure the Creed haters online are complaining and bitching that they are coming back, that they think the Creed tour and album will both fail but I disagree. I think the 4th album will improve them as a band, and I think the band will try real hard to get everyone to like them again, even the metal heads that hate them.

Mark Tremonti has improved as a guitarist, and I think his guitar playing for the new Creed album will be much different than the first three. If we can get Creed to go back to writing great guitar riffs and Scott Stapp singing the dark and deep lyrics like their first record, “My Own Prison”, I think the band will just get even better.

I’m actually surprised and shocked to hear the news of the Creed reunion. I hope they get back to writing heavy songs again instead of writing top 40 pop songs. There’s a lot of Creed haters yes, but you can’t deny that their first record, “My Own Prison” is a really amazing album. It sounds like they are getting ready to write heavy songs again since they are looking to get Brendan O’ Brien, Bob Rock, and several other producers they are looking to get.

Creed is easy targeted in the music industry just like Metallica ’cause of how Creed did a heavy rock album like “My Own Prison” and then they went to mainstream pop in their next two. Plus, the band is hated ’cause of Scott Stapp’s huge ego, he’s a drunk and has a temper tantrum, Stapp gets into fights and drinks too much. I think Stapp is staying out trouble and has smarten up to get back in a band again.

I think the band got new material up their sleeve that will take the world by storm. You may hate Creed now but you’ll be surprised of what they can come up with in their next album. Could they do a metal album or a pop album? I hope they do a metal one. This is a band that deserves the respect.


BREAKING NEWS: Creed reunion is official!!! They will make a stop at SPAC in Aug.!!!

It was only a matter of time. Scott Stapp has finally agreed to rejoin Creed to record 4th new album and tour. The 4 original members of Creed will make a stop at SPAC in Saratoga Springs on Aug. 11th. I think that’s another concert I’m interested in going to. I’m a fan of Creed, I dig their tunes. I own three of their albums and seen them in concert twice. I’ll see them a third time sure!

Look like the band is on good terms with Stapp and lets see how long Stapp’s relationship with the band will last!

Billboard reports:


Great news! I’m excited!


Thought: If Myles Kennedy is the singer of Led Zep, will Scott Stapp reunite with Creed?

If Myles Kennedy of Altered Bridge leaves the band for Led Zep… will Scott Stapp former frontman of Creed rejoin Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips?

Do you want to see a Creed reunion?

I’m not afraid to say that I would like to see Scott Stapp back with the original members of Creed. They maybe popular and mainstream for you, but you can’t deny that they wrote some great songs though. I liked the band Creed. Own all three of their albums and I have seen the band in concert twice. It’s a fact that Creed were one of the biggest selling rock bands in the 90’s and 00’s years but the band was shortlived with only three albums. The band had something good, but they blew it when the band broke up years ago.

I would like to see Creed back with a fourth studio album and a tour. The band’s first record “My Own Prison” is an amazing disc, I love it all the way through. “Human Clay” is also not a bad album. I’m game for Creed coming back, I’d love to see it happen.

They are not the best band in the world but I like their sound and their style of songwriting. Tremonti’s a good guitarist. I know there are not a lot of Creed fans out there but I think a Creed reunion would be successful. They could come back and become a best selling rock band again. Yes, they were kind of poppy and mainstream, I can agree with that, you also got to give them respect that they played their own instruments, wrote their own tunes and did everything themselves.

They were one of the very few hard rock bands that were successful back in their days. A Creed reunion would be cool. I’m all for it.