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Thought: If Myles Kennedy is the singer of Led Zep, will Scott Stapp reunite with Creed?

If Myles Kennedy of Altered Bridge leaves the band for Led Zep… will Scott Stapp former frontman of Creed rejoin Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips?

Do you want to see a Creed reunion?

I’m not afraid to say that I would like to see Scott Stapp back with the original members of Creed. They maybe popular and mainstream for you, but you can’t deny that they wrote some great songs though. I liked the band Creed. Own all three of their albums and I have seen the band in concert twice. It’s a fact that Creed were one of the biggest selling rock bands in the 90’s and 00’s years but the band was shortlived with only three albums. The band had something good, but they blew it when the band broke up years ago.

I would like to see Creed back with a fourth studio album and a tour. The band’s first record “My Own Prison” is an amazing disc, I love it all the way through. “Human Clay” is also not a bad album. I’m game for Creed coming back, I’d love to see it happen.

They are not the best band in the world but I like their sound and their style of songwriting. Tremonti’s a good guitarist. I know there are not a lot of Creed fans out there but I think a Creed reunion would be successful. They could come back and become a best selling rock band again. Yes, they were kind of poppy and mainstream, I can agree with that, you also got to give them respect that they played their own instruments, wrote their own tunes and did everything themselves.

They were one of the very few hard rock bands that were successful back in their days. A Creed reunion would be cool. I’m all for it.