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Is it finally time to give Sly Stallone his Oscar for playing Rocky? I’d say yes! It’s long overdue!

I really meant what I said that I’m very happy for Sly that he finally got recognized for his acting talent. I haven’t seen “Creed” yet but I’m planning on seeing it tomorrow.

Everybody’s always criticizing Sly for his acting talent. Making claims that he’s mostly well-known as an action star but many feel that he isn’t the greatest actor.

I always knew this man has acting talent. He’s even a talented actor in the action movies ’cause I thought he did a great job playing Rambo and movies like “Cliffhanger”, “Assassins”, “Tango & Cash”, “Cop Land”, “Cobra”, etc.

Sly never won an Oscar before but he did get Oscar nominated for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for the first “Rocky” film. Yep, I feel it’s finally time to give him his Oscar so I hope the Academy does the right thing.

Yep, Sly’s a talented actor, I always saw that. It’s time to finally see that and silence all of his critics.

Congrats Sly! Well deserved, man! \m/