Another reason for the false flag in Charleston shooting… just another way to declare martial law?

In order for the president to declare martial law, it must be done while civil unrest is going on or during a war. When martial law is declared that means that ordinary law no longer matters including the U.S. Constitution…

Read more about “Martial Law” here to those that don’t know anything about it…

This is why I believe the Obama admin. is desperate for civil unrest in the United States. This is why things like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and things like that happen as a way for the government to declare martial law. I’m sure you’ve all heard all this talk of “martial law” which means that Obama can cancel elections and he can be president for a pretty long time if he wanted.

Like I said, don’t be so excited about the upcoming 2016 elections ’cause we might not even have the elections. I have a feeling Obama is gonna declare martial law so he can continue his presidency. A lot of us have been trying to warn everyone about “martial law” but nope. Sure enough, people laughed at our faces and they think it will never happen. Oh yes it can happen.

If Obama does declare martial law and he’s still president in 2017, I wonder if liberals will wake up then? Probably not ’cause they’re gonna love him for it. The government is doing all they can for civil unrest in the United States so martial law can be declared and Al Sharpton is doing everything he can to make it happen.

When Obama joked about a “third term” at the last Correspondents Dinner at the White House, I think that was a clear warning that he’s going to declare “martial law” pretty soon. If that happens, we’re screwed. Your Hillary and Bernie Sanders may not even be president. Donald Trump or any of the others will never get elected ’cause of “martial law”. It’s coming, y’all. I tried to warn people about “martial law” on this blog many times myself and in facebook/twitter. Of course, not many people believed me.

Hopefully, Obama can be stopped before it happens. Obama really needs to be removed from office ’cause he is a very dangerous and evil man. I don’t care how Obama gets removed from office, he just needs to go.


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