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Mark Levin challenges Obama for a debate on his radio show, Obama probably won’t go for it, though…

I don’t listen to talk radio hardly at all but if Obama accepted Mark Levin’s challenge, I would tune in for that one for sure. I know Barack is capable of going on radio talk shows because remember Barack did a debate on the “WTF with Marc Maron” not too long ago? Of course, the only reason Barack accepted to go on the Marc Maron show is ’cause Marc Maron is a liberal, go figure?

Mark Levin’s got a lot of balls for this one.


When will people understand that Barack is afraid to face criticism from conservatives? When will people understand that Barack is afraid to face hard questions? Obama is a coward. It’s clear that he can’t take any “right-wing” criticism at all. That’s why he tried to desperately put Dinesh D’ Souza in jail… that’s why he had Sharyl Attkisson’s computers hacked. That’s why he had James Rosen’s computers hacked. That’s why he’s targeting conservatives through the IRS.

I’ll say it again that Barack is a fucking coward. He’s afraid of “conservatives” absolutely. That’s why Barack is trying his best to make conservatives feel like they’re beneath liberals. If Obama wants to be taken seriously as president, he needs to be a man and a real leader and being able to take some criticism for once. You criticize Barack, you could get your computers hacked, get put under surveillance or worse you could be dead or be in jail. Once again, Barack is a coward and always has bene.

I love how Mark calls Barack, “Mr. Tough Guy” ’cause that’s funny. That’s the title of one of my original songs.


Mark Levin claims we already are under “martial law”, we just don’t know it yet…

Hate to say this but Mark Levin (the conservative radio host and author) here makes a whole lot of sense. A lot of conservatives (including me) have been worrying that Obama is gonna declare “martial law”, a lot of scary rumors that he’s gonna do it. Well it seems that Obama has already done it. We just don’t know it yet. Obama declared martial law quietly and secretly.


It already does feel like we have “martial law” doesn’t it? It definitely does to me. What are we gonna do if Obama announces an extension of his presidency? I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen but lets hope it doesn’t. We gotta stop this son of a bitch somehow and we still have a chance and there is still hope.