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Thoughts on the US thinking about attacking Syria over gas attacks…

Honestly, the US should leave Syria alone. If we attack them, then Syria will retaliate and we’re gonna end up into another war. On top of that, it is unconstitutional to declare war on another country without congressional authority. What happened during the gas attacks was horrible but we should stay out of that stuff when it doesn’t involve us. Women and children were killed during the gas attacks and they shouldn’t have to suffer even more if we decide to attack Syria. What’s attacking Syria going to solve? Once again it’s just going to lead us into another pointless war. All this is proving is that the Obama Administration are evil war criminals. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama Administration aided Syria terrorists the chemicals like some people are saying. We seriously need to uphold the Constitution ’cause President Obama haven’t been faithful to it since the start of Presidency. We also need to stop him from attacking Syria and he needs to be held accountable. Get with it, and wake up. Obama is a madman. All he is about is power and greed.

I don’t see how you could defend him over something like this. Of course, the liberals would have his back and would make claims that Obama is doing this to save the people in Syria but it’s not true, and you know it. Obama is a war mongering son of a bitch. He started a lot of wars without congressional authority and this is the worst of them. If you think the US attacking Syria is a good thing… think about how Syria will retaliate. They will want their revenge so they could come over to the US and attack us anytime they wanted. They could send those chemicals to the US and wipe us all out if they wanted easily.

If it’s true that Obama sent those chemicals to Syria, then he is the one who killed all those women and children.

Obama is getting pretty scary, guys. I’m scared of him being our president and you should be too. We really gotta do something about him.