Liberals finally waking up on Obama? TPP deal related…

Wow. I take a look at Obama’s official facebook page and reading the comments on his “Leading on Trade” post, I’m noticing that liberals and Obama supporters are not happy with him at all.

Read some of the comments they’ve been posting, I’ll post ’em without names:

“then where can i read a copy of the proposed deal? that’s what transparent means right?”

“My President and I part ways on this one. How can it be transparent if we the people cannot see what is in it? How can it be progressive when it takes the power away from the people and gives it to corporations?”

“Transparent? Can I read it online someplace?”

“Mr president I support you on most things. This however I can not support”

“Mr. President, this is not the way, and makes no sense in the context of your other policy initiatives. Can you please explain your enthusiastic endorsement of the TPP? What about the human (women’s) rights violations that have become an ongoing reality as a result of NAFTA?”

“I hope Obama rethinks this. A trade bill crafted by multinational corporations with a near exclusion of workers organizations and human rights groups can’t be a good thing. Obligating the U.S. to an arbitration panel that supersedes our court system spells disaster too.”

“I’m a supporter of yours, Mr. President. But this deal looks and feels shady. And the days of blind trust in our leaders is over. Why not tell us what’s in it? What is worth the chance this will stain your legacy, the way NAFTA did Bill Clinton’s?”

“This TTIP agreement has been negotiated in secrecy- no transparency there! It is bad for country sovereignty- the power given to big business to sue your local council for any possible lost profits if they are refused permission to strip mine, take your water, polute your town, infect the workers. This deal will enslave the small nations, remove workers rights and so on- what could possibly go wrong!”



Did liberals finally wake up on Obama’s “least-transparency”? That’s what we’ve been trying to tell them for years is Obama’s “least-transparency” and they’re finally starting to see it.

I wish they felt the same way with Obamacare, his birth certificate, Benghazi and even the “Net Neutrality” but nope, liberals defended Obama on all those.

Obama did the same thing with the FCC’s “Net Neutrality”… he wouldn’t let us see the documents until “Net Neutrality” was confirmed, and now he’s doing the same thing with the TPP trade.

It really is nice to see liberals disagree with Obama for once, I’m really am impressed with this and this is the right start in the right direction.

Like I said before, Obama doesn’t care about either party. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, to him it doesn’t matter. He won’t listen to you liberals, just like he won’t listen to us. He’ll go for whatever policies that will put a huge damage to America and that’s what he’s doing. That’s all he cares about.

It is really great to see that liberals are finally getting a taste of his “arrogance” and his “narcissism”. I think liberals are finally starting to feel how we conservatives feel about him and it’s about time, I must say! I wish libs felt this way about him before 2012 so he wouldn’t get re-elected but too late now, though. Obama wants to ruin both parties, he doesn’t care.

I hope liberals keep it up. See? Like I said before, I think one day liberals will finally wake up on Obama and this is just the beginning. This is a start but I like what I see!!!


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