Don’t argue with the liberal left, unless you wanna get called a bigot or whatever names they call you…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice, civil and adult debate in politics without the left attacking you and calling you names? That’s why you shouldn’t debate or argue with them at all. Just get your opinions and views on things, don’t reply to liberals at all. These days, talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall.

The problem is, they (the left) will only agree with their views. They won’t agree with anything on the right at all. They really are one-sided people. Like I said, they only side with views on the left.

When George W. was president, debating politics used to be fun and enjoyable! Now it’s not, under Obama! You wanna tell the truth about Barack, Hillary and other liberal politicians be prepared to be attacked by left-wingers. You wanna disagree with their views, be ready for a liberal backlash. It’s called, “intolerance” like I’ve said many times.

They hate Republicans and they see nothing wrong with the Democrat party at all. To them, everything about the Democrat party is heroic and they feel Democrats are doing good things to America.

Yeah, sure, liberals are gonna accuse us “right-wingers” being one-sided but we’re not at all. We’ve been disgusted with our own party and not afraid to be vocal about it. We know the Republican/GOP side is broken & corrupt, we’re not fucking stupid, ya know? We’ve been upset with the GOP lately ’cause they’ve been helping Obama on a lot of things most notably the TPP trade. We’ve already turned our backs on the Republicans. Most of us did. It’s true!!!

Why won’t liberals turn their backs on the Democrat side? Why won’t liberals be realistic with their own party? That’s one thing I can’t figure out.

To them, there is nothing bad about the Democrat party at all. They’ll support all of Obama’s bad policies and support Obama’s ideas for America even though they it’s been proven they are bad. Each time someone attacks Obama’s policies, liberals will be quick to defend it.

This country has gone batshit crazy for sure. You wanna support right-wing politicians or candidates, liberals will attack you for that too when you should have every right for an opinion.

I stopped debating with liberals a long time ago and feel really GOOD about it. Don’t debate with them. They’ll make your head spin. They drive you crazy ’cause they enjoy it. They’re always gonna think they’re right no matter what they say. They’ll call you names, accuse you of watching FOX News and all that immature shit. They really are the most immature people I’ve come across. Ignore them all, the liberals. Pretend they’re all dead. You can tell ’cause I don’t allow ’em to post on my blog anymore. They are getting worse.

I can see why conservatives are quiet on their views lately so they can avoid a liberal backlash. Don’t be afraid to get your voice heard. Don’t let ’em win.



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