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Interesting article that defends Chrissie Hynde’s rape comments… worth a read…

Here’s a great article written by a woman who defends Chrissie Hynde’s controversial rape comments and it looks like she’s siding with Chrissie on this one too.

This blogger here is so right. The reason that libtards and “feminists” are upset at Chrissie is that they didn’t like her telling women what to wear or how much they drink. They also didn’t like her blaming the victims.

Look, I know that women like to party hard late at night but at the same time, it’s very risky. There are a lot of women who naivety believes that nothing dangerous will happen if they go out there partying. Like I said in a post before, this world is not so lovable and wonderful as many would like to believe. There’s a lot of bad people and dangerous psychopaths out there. Women think they can go out there and do what they want to and think nothing will happen to them.

If you’re a woman and if you go out there partying wearing short skirts and tank tops that exposes your cleavage, you walk out there drunk… chances are something is gonna happen to you.

Nothing wrong with partying and having a fun time but do it responsibly and do it carefully. Don’t party alone… go with a group of friends.

I think the feminists got upset ’cause they simply can’t take the truth and it upsets them. They don’t like it when someone else’s opinion is different. Gotta love intolerance.


Anyway, rape can happen anywhere and anytime. Not just at night. There’s no reason for women to go around looking sexy all the time. Nothing wrong with dressing and looking sexy sure but do it responsibly and on special occasions. Looking sexy will help catch the eyes of sexual predators out there. There’s a lot of creepers out there and you gotta watch out for ’em.

It’s not a safe world at all. Stop thinking it is.