5 reasons to ignore people with hardcore liberal views…

These days, it’s getting more and more pointless to debate politics with liberals. Ya know, people with hardcore “left-wing” views. People who claim they are “liberals”. I would avoid them like the plague and pretend they are dead to you. It’s best not to debate politics with left-wingers. Why?

I’m about to explain 5 reasons why:

  • They are too one-sided: These people hate everything Republican and everything “Conservative”. They will not agree with anything on the “right” at all. They will only think you’re cool if you agree with them. They only stay on their side almost 100% of the time and I can’t stand it.
  • They support Barack Obama and Hillary or believe there is nothing wrong with them: When you want to discuss the criminal actions about Barack & Hillary, they’ll ignore you most of the time. They will only believe what the mainstream media tells them and anything outside of that, they will be quick to judge it as “bullshit” or “conspiracy theory”. They can’t accept any kind of truth about Barack and Hillary and it’s getting really old.
  • They can be a little hateful and dramatic: Liberal intolerance. Gotta love it. When they’re disagreed with, they can be a little bit too dramatic for no reason. Call you names like bigots, haters, racist, whackjob conspiracy theorists, etc. I’ve been called every name in the book by libtards.
  • They can be liars and hypocrites: Seriously, these people can lie just as bad as Barack and Hillary does. They are also the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen. For example, they don’t like “right-wingers” hating on their precious Barack Obama and claim we can’t do it ’cause he’s President of the US but last time I checked, liberals bashed the hell out of George W. when he was president. Isn’t it strange how it’s okay to bash George W. but not Barack?
  • They are uneducated and misinformed with their politics: Sometimes ya gotta wonder what their grades in Social Studies/History were like in High School and I’m pretty sure they weren’t very good at all. Most liberals don’t know their history well. Why do you think Obama was voted twice in the White House and why most libtards love Hillary so much?

That’s about all I can think of. I used to debate politics with liberals but it’s gotten to the point where I just ignore them now. I don’t allow liberals to post on my blog, youtube, twitter and everywhere else on the internet. I try my best to get them out of my sight but they are hard to escape from ’cause they’re everywhere. I don’t debate politics with liberals in facebook ’cause I’ll just delete their comment or just ignore it. I’m done with liberals, been done with them a long time ago.

I only debate politics with other conservatives ’cause they are more adult acting, more intelligent and they can be more friendlier too.

Don’t debate politics with liberals. They’ll drive you up the wall and that’s why they are what they are.


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