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Even though liberals claim to hate my politics, I know they’re reading and enjoying it…


Liberals claim that my political views and my views on Obama are offensive and out of line. Thank you. I’ll take that stuff as a compliment ’cause it’s all part of what I do this for is to drive people crazy.

Even though people claim to hate my politics, I know they read anyway and secretly, I do know they enjoy it and addicted to it. That’s why they keep reading and why they keep attacking me and calling me out. Deep down inside, they enjoy what I do and they’ll never admit that what I do is good.

Either way though, I don’t do this politics stuff to make people happy. I do it ’cause I’m all about the truth and I believe in my country that I live in and do whatever I can to help defend my homeland just like other conservatives and patriots.


Cool Video: “Stop debating stupid jackass liberals! It shrinks your brain!”…

E.T. Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense is one of my favorite political video bloggers. I like him because he’s one of the very few youtubers who’s not afraid to be realistic about Barack. His videos and rants are entertaining as hell. I enjoy watching his videos. He’s got similar views about Barack as I do.

This guy hit the nail on the head of why I’m pretty much done debating politics with liberals. It’s a good video and I agree with everything he said in it. Liberals really are crazy. Debating politics with them is like talking to a brick wall, in my opinion. E.T. Williams is so right that you can never have a rational conversation with them at all. Liberals don’t even know how to debate correctly. Debating is talking about facts and stuff. Liberals don’t do that. They are so one sided. They are pretty loyal to their side and all they wanna do is defend Barack Obama no matter the situation.

When conservatives want to point out all the bad things Barack have done… nope, liberals ignore it all and they don’t wanna listen to you. Instead they wanna blame everything on Bush. The left don’t want to agree with the right on anything at all. There’s no “winning” with those people. Whatever thoughts and opinions “right-wingers” have, you can very well believe that the left is gonna have an opposite opinion. They have an opposite opinion and different thought on everything.

When liberals see that you have conservative beliefs, they’ll do all they can to try to make you look like a “liberal”. I deal with that shit all the time. Liberals are pretty hateful toward conservatives and it makes you wonder why we are getting so fed up with them. When you call out their bullshit, they’ll cry “freedom of speech” like the hypocrites they are. How they are hypocrites when they cry “Freedom of speech”? It’s because they won’t let us have our opinions and thoughts. Liberals do let us have our opinions and thoughts but until we have a different view of theirs, that’s when they get all over us. That’s taking our “free speech” away.

Liberals won’t let us have our opinions on gay marriage, the 2nd amendment, all this stuff on diversity with Michael Brown/Trayvon Martin, religion and lots of other topics. In this day and age, if you’re a conservative, you have to watch what you say almost all of the time. It’s ridiculous. The intolerance from liberals is getting crazy.

If you tell the truth about Barack Obama, liberals will give you shit about that too. Everything you say about Barack, they’ll shrug it off and laugh at you. Call you a crazy conspiracy theorist, a right-wing nut job or a racist. Just look at people like Rudy Giuliani and Dinesh D’ Souza. Those two guys get so much liberal backlash only because they tell the truth about our traitor-in-chief. Another example is Rush Limbaugh, liberals are desperate in trying to end his radio show. That’s taking their freedom of speech away.

The Dr. Of Common Sense here is so right. Stop debating liberals and I’ve been doing that for a long while now. It does make you happier and makes life easier. I only debate politics with other conservatives ’cause they are much smarter and more intelligent. They are more honest too. Liberals accuse us of siding with the right on everything but we don’t. We are not even happy with the GOP and our own party.

I’m proud to be conservative, though and always will be. I won’t change for anybody. I’m getting even more strict on moderating ’cause I’m done debating with stupid people who don’t wanna listen. I have that right. I’m done debating with people who just wanna defend Barack Obama or the liberal party. Done with it all. These days, I just get my opinions and thoughts out there and just ignore everyone’s dramatic bullshit. It’s amazing how much trouble conservatives get just for speaking their minds. Our freedom is indeed diminishing.


Actually, conservatism still dominates the country and here is proof of that…

A new poll has been released trying to determine which side is more popular: Conservatives vs. Liberals. It turns out that Conservatives still dominates the country; however, liberalism has risen to %24 since 2012.


It may seem like that liberalism is more popular than conservatism ’cause that’s how the media likes to promote it as. The mainstream news media is so liberal bias, it’s crazy. If you want conservative news you tune into FOX News.

This is why a lot of people still have a hard time trying to figure out what kind of man Obama really is ’cause the mainstream media refuses to report all the bad stuff about Obama. On news stations like NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. you’re never gonna see headlining stories about Barack & Hillary being responsible for Benghazi, Obama being born in Kenya, Obama murdered his gay lovers to hide his homosexuality, Obama’s ties with Muslim Brotherhood, Obama ordered “Operation: F&F”, Obama murdered Loretta Fuddy, Obama behind the IRS & NSA scandals, etc. in the mainstream news. You might see that stuff on FOX News but everywhere else, no. The mainstream news media like to treat Obama in a positive light that’s why some mistakenly believe that Obama is a good president.

These days if people find out if you’re conservative, you’ll get all kinds of hate and disrespect. This is why conservatives keep their conservative beliefs to themselves because they are afraid of a liberal backlash. I wish more conservatives would grow a spine and speak out against Obama and the radical left in our country.

As you can clearly see, I’m openly conservative and not afraid to say that I am so I’m willing to take some heat from libtards.

It’s interesting how conservatives get so much disrespect and hate. You wanna bash Obama, get ready for a lot of bullshit from libtards. That’s what libtards do, they will do everything in their power to defend and protect the president. They go around attacking conservative facebook pages and internet blogs. I know from experience ’cause most of my blog readers are “liberal” sadly.

I’m not ashamed to be conservative and I like who I am. I’m proud of it. I believe in traditional marriage, I believe in the second amendment, I believe in small government and I believe that abortion is murder. If people don’t like it, here is a big middle finger to all of them.


Large crowd of Dems/liberals walk out on Obama during speech at rally in Maryland…

This is pretty amazing…


My question is, what is taking so long for libtards in America to realize what a piece of garbage Obama really is? We need more people walking out at all of his speeches (fundraisers, rallies, press conferences, etc.). Libtards should have woken up about him a long time ago. They are but very “slowly”. Liberals are pretty slow learners when it comes to Obama and politics. Conservatives are more quicker at picking things up about him.

It should have never been libs vs. conservatives when it comes to Obama. Both sides should unite and we should be into this together. Both the left and the right should be fighting back at Obama to get our country back.

I know how some libtards still wanna support Obama and still think there is nothing wrong with him but when will they wake up and realize that Obama is making liberals look bad? He hates all of us and that includes liberals. Liberals voted him twice for “Change” and that never happened.


Is there any real truth to politics anymore??? I vote no…

Everybody wants to tell their own version of the truth in politics. Is there any real truth to politics and government discussion in this day and age? The way I’m looking at this is that there is no such thing as the truth anymore and here’s what I mean…

Politics today is so divided. Everybody knows that. Seems like the left and right is a big thing these days. The left and right have opposites of opinions on everything. The two parties each have different thoughts and views. To explain exactly what I mean…

The right wants to believe that President Obama is an evil tyrant and dictator who is set out to destroy America. The left wants to believe that there is nothing wrong with Obama. The left knows that America is in bad shape but they never want to blame it on him. The left wants to blame it all on the Republicans in Congress and blame George W. Bush. My point being, the right thinks dems/liberals are the badguys while the left  thinks conservatives/republicans are the badguys.

Here are some more specific examples:

Lets take this immigration reform stuff as a perfect example. The right don’t agree with Obama’s immigration reform plan. They don’t agree with Obama’s amnesty and his border plan. They also don’t agree with him going on with the Immigration Reform without Congressional approval. The left thinks the right are a bunch of badguys for Obama’s immigration reform plan. They think John Boehner is a coward and corrupt leader just because he disagreed with Obama’s executive actions. The left thinks Obama is a hero for calling out Republicans over Boehner’s lawsuit threat, while the right calls Obama a crybaby and a child.

The Hobby Lobby stuff is another good one. The right thinks the Supreme Court are heroes for giving the smackdown on the contraceptives over Obamacare but the left thinks they are evil and disgusting that they ignored human rights for women.

Lets look at Benghazi. The right wants answers and justice for the 4 Americans that were killed. The left wants to act like that Benghazi is nothing. They don’t want to blame Obama/Hillary for the attacks. They want to attack Republicans for dragging it on and making a big deal about it.

The right wants to impeach Obama for all the bad things he have done to America like all the scandals, the lying and disobeying the Constitution obsessively. The left thinks he’s an innocent and harmless man.

Okay, I think you get my point now. It’s all opposites of opinion. The divided parties are messed up, in my opinion. When will there ever be a time when both sides will agree with each other on something?

It’s difficult to tell which party is telling the truth. That’s the point I’m getting at here.

The left doesn’t want to hate on Obama when they should. Obama is making liberals look bad when they are not even realizing it. The left elected Barack hoping he would achieve what they wanted but Barack is doing all of the exact opposite. He’s not making the liberals happy even if they think he is. Barack hates America. He doesn’t like either party. He’s making both sides look ridiculous.

People in politics are confusing and crazy. That’s why I stick to my guns when I make my views and opinions, ya know? I don’t need to side with others truths. The left really believe in their truths. The right really believes in theirs. I like to tell my truth and that’s the end of it.



Are people really this naive over Obamacare? Wow…


As expected, the health care website went down just before the deadline. Like a lot of people, I think it was on purpose so the Obama administration can have an excuse to extend the deadline.


Here’s the full .pdf of Obamacare which I plan on reading:

Click to access PLAW-111publ148.pdf

I plan on taking the time to read the whole thing this week. It’s over 900 pages long, though. I’ll take some notes while reading it and write my thoughts down on the blog.

It’s interesting how people criticize my health care when I bash O’care though. I would rather be on the health care I have now instead of getting my life destroyed with O’care. O’care was never meant to help people. It’s just the Obama administrations shady way of making more money. Again, just part of Obama’s plan in destroying America.

You can’t believe this is a legit health law just because the government says it is.  I understand people have health problems and can’t afford medical bills on their own but there are other options. O’care isn’t the way to go.

To those who make claims that it’s a good law, let me tell you something. That’s how the Obama administration wants to make it look like. They try to make it a good law. Those who believe it’s a good law and pretty loyal to it just don’t realize all the bad things hidden in the law. There are way too many secrets in the law people don’t know about.

When Republicans/conservatives try their best to warn people and tell the truth, they usually get bullied and made fun of by the left. We tried our best to talk people out of enrolling but talking to the left is like talking to a brick wall. There can never be an intelligent debate without the right getting insulted by the left. When republicans/conservatives trash this law it isn’t about hating on Obama. It’s about you. Us “right-wingers” care about people no matter what party you belong in and we just don’t want your life getting in danger over Barack Obama.

They’ll wake up once they realize their medical bills and taxes has gone sky high. They’ll wake up once they realize they’ll lose everything they got over it. I’ve read that once you enroll, there’s no backing out. I heard it’s very hard to cancel out of it if you change your mind. So think twice before going for this.

Whatever, ya know? People in politics are messed up and delusional. People are really weird. There are plenty of people who don’t deserve to be debating in politics ’cause many are horrible at it. People will never agree with you on anything… they will only side with everything on their political party which is sad really.

“Right-wingers” care. There’s no hating from any of us at all.



My top 6 favorite CPAC 2014 speeches (in order)…

All morning on this Sunday, I spent some time listening to more CPAC speeches. I think I’m done listening to CPAC speeches, and I wanted to point out my 6 favorite ones that are worth listening to. I listened to quite a lot of speeches over the weekend and here are the 6 best speeches in order:

  1. Rand Paul – I’ve had my eye on Rand Paul ever since his 13 hour filibuster from last year. Since then, I’ve always believed that this guy is going to be our next president in 2016 and I still feel that way about him. His speech at CPAC was pretty powerful. Talking about the government spying, wiretapping of phones, imprisonment without trial, and other issues. Rand Paul was very confident in his speech. He told the truth with no fear, spoke with no teleprompter. Loved how he quoted Pink Floyd. Rand sounded pretty angry in his speech and he sounded pretty serious. Any politician who can speak without reading off of anything is a true politician. 
  2. Sarah Palin – I love Sarah!!! Suck it haters! People hate Sarah ’cause it’s true that she drives the liberals crazy. She’s a hero to the conservative community but a villain to liberals. She was very entertaining during her speech as usual and as expected she gets the audience fired up every time. She was very confident in her speech too. I loved her take on the “Green, Eggs & Ham”. She was pretty funny too. She killed it in her speech like she usually does. I also hope she decides to run in 2016 and it’s looking like she might. 
  3. Sen. Ted Cruz – Love him or hate him, Ted is getting pretty popular in the politics world. He also spoke with no teleprompter and was pretty confident in his speech. Attacked the Obama administration on a lot of things like Obamacare and things like that. He also knows that our government is broken and corrupt. I thought his speech was pretty entertaining as hell. He kept it fun and enjoyable. 
  4. Tara Mack – A young congresswoman who works for the House. Her speech was inspirational ’cause she was trying to send a positive message that conservatives aren’t selfish and we actually care for all people. She may have slammed Obamacare a little bit but her speech was a positive message and I respect her for that. She now has my support. I hope she goes forward in her political career and hopefully one day, she runs for the Senate. 
  5. Dr. Ben Carson – He’s a black conservative who can’t stand Obama. His speech was inspirational ’cause he talked about how he can’t stand political correctness. He also talked about how he is not all for gay-marriage. He says that gays deserves their free rights. I agree that gays deserve free rights but he says that gay-marriage doesn’t belong to homosexuals. In other words, he defended traditional marriage which is great. He also urged us conservatives to never feel intimidated by the left attacking our views in politics by simply saying, “Never let the left shut you up”. Great advice, I must say! I would say that Dr. Carson would have made a great first black president but instead we get a Muslim immigrant in the White House killing people and doing whatever he wants with the law. 
  6. Gov. Rick Perry – Perry’s speech was kind of short but also entertaining as hell! He gave us some hints that he may run for Prez in 2016. He also talked about a bunch of stuff how we need to defend our country and make the USA great again by saying, “It’s time for a little rebellion”. Another great Perry quote, “We just need to change the presidency”. 

There ya go. I’ve seen a bunch other speeches but the ones I listed I was the most impressed with.

Will we get a republican/conservative/libertarian president in the White House in 2016??? I’m hoping and praying. I think the conservative movement will be BIG in 2016 and we could win again. Of course, I have a feeling that won’t happen and we will probably end up getting another liberal/democrat prez in 2016. If not Hillary, we will get another liberal in the White House. If we do get a conservative/libertarian president in the White House in 2016, I’m sure the left will whine about it and cry for impeachment. The left can be pretty hateful and ignorant. Conservatives are true patriots and we care for our country. We believe in the constitution. We believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

We just want America to be great and strong again like we once were. The left knows we are in bad shape… they just don’t want to blame everything on the Obama administration. The left tries to get me out of the right but it’s never happening. I will always think gay marriage isn’t normal. I will always disagree with abortion. I will always disagree with immigration reform and amnesty. I can’t stand how liberals look at conservatives as bad guys. It’s gotta stop. Seriously.


Why it’s wrong to compare Bush to Obama…

When discussing how badly Obama has been treating America, people would bring Bush into things. People will be like, “Bush did this”, “Bush did that”, etc. blah blah blah, you get my point. That’s one of the things I hate about Obama discussion, “It’s all Bush’s fault”. It’s like… people can’t come up with anything different and that’s all they got when it comes to Obama discussion. If that’s all you can come up with is blame Bush to make Obama look good, then you lose… we win.

When discussing things like “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”…. people can’t think of anything better to say than to bring Bush into things. That’s when 9/11/01 discussions start going again and people will think Bush started “Operation: F&F” when you know for a fact that isn’t true. Bush’s “Operation: Wide Receiver” and Obama’s “Operation: F&F” are two completely different operations. They are totally not related. I made that clear many times on my blog.

People will think the bad economy is all Bush’s fault when this is all Obama’s doing especially Obama’s 7 trillion dollar debt which totally destroyed the economy. Obamacare is destroying the economy as well. How is all of this Bush’s fault? Really be honest now. I bet you can’t come up with anything.

How are things like the NSA, IRS, wiretapping the Associated Press, etc. are all Bush’s fault? Explain that? How is it Bush’s fault that Obama sends guns to Syrian rebels and aiding Egyptian terrorists money? How is it Bush’s fault that Obama drops drones killing many innocent women and children all over the world?

Obama and George W. are not comparable. They are both completely different men. They both have different views in politics. They both had different reasons for doing things. They both had different missions and goals. They both have different personalities and feelings. They’re both completely different people. Bush is Bush. Obama is Obama. Stop comparing them. It’s lame. It’s fucking stupid. You don’t know what you’re talking about most of the time.

Yes, Bush had his share of committing dangerous war crimes and unconstitutional things but at least Bush didn’t assassinate important government officials and at least he didn’t kill any Navy Seals. At least Bush didn’t have any cover ups and lies about any of his stuff. At least Bush doesn’t murder people and try to get away with it.

I always thought Bush was the better president than Obama. Bush wasn’t perfect and wasn’t amazing but he was slightly better than Obama. Bush actually did things for the country while Obama did nothing but destroy our homeland.

I hate when people bring Bush into things. I just laugh at it and ignore it ’cause I’ve heard it so many times.

Everything Obama has done over the years of his presidency was all his doing. None of Obama’s actions has anything to do with Bush. They just bring George W. into things just to make Obama look innocent. I’m not defending Bush, just trying to make a point that you can’t compare these two together. I think liberals bring George W. into things ’cause they’re just jealous that evil Obama has gotten way more attention than Bush these days. Obama just like to blame everything on Bush and his fellow liberals actually believe the stuff Obama says.

While George W. is not innocent just like Obama isn’t at least George W. wasn’t as aggressive as Obama. Obama makes George W. looks harmless. That’s how evil Obama is. Obama is worse than Carter and Nixon.

Liberals are a piece of work, I tell ya. Liberals are never gonna admit that Obama is a murdering piece of garbage. Even if the truth comes out of Benghazi and if it was proven that Obama was responsible, liberals are still gonna defend him. They’ll blame conservatives for throwing him in prison, absolutely, and they’ll play the race card even more. It’s never gonna end with these left-wingers.