Telling the truth about Obamacare is not hating or trolling, it’s just the truth, that’s it…


Like usual each time you disagree with Obama’s politics… you get labeled a hater, troll, a crazy right-winger, or a racist and all that freakin’ bullshit. Typical left-wing facebook bullshit, it’s a circus in there for sure. That’s why I try my best to avoid politics discussion in facebook ’cause like I said before people are dumb and crazy. They also accuse me of listening to such popular right-wingers such as Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin. They laugh at me for admiring those two but that’s okay, fuck ’em. My opinion on Obamacare didn’t come from listening to other right-wing politicians or celebrities. My opinion on Obamacare is my own opinion alone and I mean well.

Yes, I may have physical disabilities like with my scoliosis and other things but that’s the point of me being scared of O’care. If I enroll into this shit, I may no longer get the help I need in case I might need surgery for something down the road. I’m scared of my taxes and bills going sky high. I’m scared of hospitals and doctors no longer being able to accept me ’cause they won’t accept O’care. These things could happen if you sign yourself up. When you criticize people’s health and disabilities after them trashing Obamacare, that means you just insulted everyone else with problems so you better be more careful of how you all respond to people. Obamacare have obviously gotten mixed criticism. Some agree with it, some don’t. So you’re gonna get negative Obamacare criticism whether you like it or not. When you see people trash O’care, they are scared of it too. That’s why Republicans in Congress have been trying to fight for a full repeal ’cause they are scared of what O’care may do to them and the American people.

If you get seriously injured in an accident, you may not even get help in the ER ’cause they won’t accept the O’care insurance. If you have a family member who has cancer or is sick, the doctors will refuse to help ’cause they may not accept O’care. Your loved ones could die ’cause they couldn’t get help from O’care. You could even die over it too.

Quite honestly, I think that’s Obama’s goal with O’care. He wants to kill everybody with it. His way of destroying America. O’care would have made Hitler and Stalin proud.

O’care is pretty controversial but what’s new with Obama, right? Everything he does is controversial. He’s a piece of garbage and a total fraud. This health bill should be good enough to see that. Sure enough, some people are still siding with everything Obama does and still treat his political moves positively like blind and ignorant fucks. Just a lot of misinformed people who just signed up, not reading anything about it.

Even if you disagree with O’care, you still shouldn’t sign up for it. O’ care is just putting the country into a lot of danger. It could instigate terrorist attacks and other crimes could happen because of it. It could even start riots and protesting — I’m betting riots and protesting will start happening in D.C. sooner or later.

This law is just illegal and unconstitutional. It’s insane how some people can’t understand that. I won’t sign up to something that’s illegal and fraudulent. I won’t care if I get fined or get thrown in jail. Bring it on. I’m just NOT paying for this scam. Like usual some people find nothing wrong with O’care just like they find nothing wrong with Obama himself as a human being.

On top of that, I won’t support anything from this murderer and liar. Once again, how can you believe in this health law after all the stuff he’s done to our country: NSA, IRS, Benghazi, Operation: F&F, etc. This guy is a maniac. Congratulations. You just allowed this maniac to have O’care all over the mainstream. On top of that, O’care is costing so much tax dollars too. Costing so much tax dollars to promote it and get it out there and all that stuff.

If you enrolled, your life is done. You just let Obama win and you just handed over your support to a scum bag who isn’t to be trusted. Good job America. This law needs to be repealed. America deserves a better health care system. I really hope Hillary won’t be our next president ’cause she’s going to make the health care system a lot worse than Barack’s.



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