Even other conservatives can be misinformed with their politics too, not just liberals…

A lot of people will say that liberals are dumb and misinformed. They are, I’ve always been saying that for years and I still stand by it but don’t get me wrong, folks. I also believe that a lot of conservatives can also be misinformed with their politics too. So see, guys? I’m not on one side at all. I’ve vowed earlier this year that I’m gonna start being realistic on both sides of the spectrum so I will do just that.

You know how that some liberals can be out of touch with reality when it comes to Barack Obama? Well some conservatives can be the same way. While it’s a fact that a lot of conservatives hate Barack Obama, I feel that a lot of them are not tough enough on him. I’m noticing that a lot of conservatives are pretty weak when it comes to Obama bashing. Even some “right-wingers” believe that Obama was born in America and some don’t think he’s behind Benghazi and all that stuff. I can go on and on. I just believe that a lot of conservatives out there are pretty weak on Obama and they’re not tough enough on him like I am.

More evidence is that “conservatives” can also be dumb & uneducated is that many of them support Ted Cruz when they shouldn’t have. 1) Ted is not eligible, go ahead and support a Canadian when a foreign person shouldn’t be president. 2) Ted supported Obama’s TPP trade 3) Ted is also weak on illegal immigration and amnesty, he seems to support it. So is Ted all tough and aggressive on government corruption like “right-wingers” claim? Not a chance. Ted is not really all that “conservative” either. He’s also a sellout RINO and conservatives naively thinks he’s a die-hard “right-winger”.

A lot of “right-wingers” support Marco Rubio too when they also shouldn’t have. For one, Marco is also not eligible for the White House and he’s also weak on amnesty. So no thanks to Rubio.

There’s also a lot of conservatives who hate Donald Trump and I believe they’re not real “conservatives” when they do. Donald Trump is the true conservative than all the GOP candidates. When other “right-wingers” hate Donald Trump, it shows that they can be misinformed and dumb as well. It means that some of them still have some “liberal” views.

This is why I have decided not to align myself with a certain party, ya know? As of this point, I’m pretty neutral on Democrat and Republican. I’m the true “conservative” than most out there. That’s why I support Donald Trump ’cause I know he’s the true blue conservative than all the others. I know a true conservative when I see one and Ted Cruz isn’t.

Yep, I’m beginning to realize that some so-called conservatives can be dumb and misinformed as well. This election is proof of that. People can be misinformed with their politics on both sides of the spectrum, yes.

I’m all about the truth when it comes to politics. I try to keep everything real as possible. I don’t care if people disagree or how offended people get. The truth is gonna get told even if it’s too extreme or it may hurt some. Don’t care either way. As you can see, I do a lot of research and get myself informed before I express my opinion in which a lot of people don’t do these days. Pretty sad too.


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